Leaving the Cannabis Industry! Here’s What I Learned

Wow! I'm already here. I'm getting the heck out of my job. I've turned in my two weeks and I've been sitting through the last few shifts. I definitely have some graduation goggles about this place. One of the glass displays For one, this has been the slowest job I've ever had. This has been … Continue reading Leaving the Cannabis Industry! Here’s What I Learned

Recommendation: My Favorite Party Strains

I love a drag show. I've had many weed-laced memories of nights out on the town. My best friends are drag queens, my brother is a drag queen, and my acquaintances do drag. I've also done drag a few times. It's a really fun space to be in. I've had a handful of weedy drag friends … Continue reading Recommendation: My Favorite Party Strains

Perspective : Who Are Budtender Parties For Anyways?

Budtenders are the face of the cannabis industry. Some people might assume that pot shops are very small businesses. However, most shops have a full roster of business professionals that help administrate the store. Like many companies, "entry-level" employees have a much different work culture than people in management roles. Cannabis is a compassionate industry, … Continue reading Perspective : Who Are Budtender Parties For Anyways?

Beginning: Beautiful Beautiful Weed

Weed is underrated. We consider leave really important but leave out so many things that could make it a happier experience for us. We treat weed as disposable. We buy it and burn and don't care much about what happens in between. When I started smoking, I was in a crowded musty room with a … Continue reading Beginning: Beautiful Beautiful Weed