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plural noun: accoutrements

additional items of dress or equipment, or other items carried or worn by a person or used for a particular activity.

“the accoutrements of religious ritual”

Synonyms:equipment, paraphernalia, stuff, things, apparatus, tackle, implements, material(s), rig, outfit, regalia, appurtenances, impedimenta, odds and ends, bits and pieces, trappings, accessories

Adult cannabis use in Seattle is at 14.31%. For such a large metropolitan area, media hasn’t seemed to catch up with that interest! That is a huge population of people. They go to little smoke shops and pot shops around town and buy paraphernalia that’s overpriced, outsourced, and with few options.


Stigma affects cannabis thoroughly. I think that this stigma affects our consumption methods. There’s something artistic about how we approach our hobbies. I want to bring marijuana back to that.

I want cannabis users to have equipment, paraphernalia, trappings, and accoutrements for their consumption. Accoutrements Lifestyle is meant to be a guide and journal about cannabis consumption from my perspective.

Who Writes This?

Why hello there!

I run Accoutrements. I love it! I’ve had such a good time making this blog, constantly improving things, and challenging myself. Running this blog takes writing, photography, digital marketing, research, and a lot of other skills. It’s a great time.

I started Accoutrements on August 4, 2018. It was around the time of Hempfest in Seattle! I was working at a little head shop down in SODO in Seattle. I even earned my Medical Marijuana Consultant Certificate! I was in the middle of the industry. I was going to all kinds of events. There were social mixers, big purchasing conventions, bar nights, anything the industry wanted. I learned everything I could about cannabis and how the industry moves. There’s always more information to expand your understanding of cannabis and everything it touches. I want to share what I’ve learned!

I’m 24 and I live in Seattle. I have an academic background in worker’s rights. In my free time I do pole dancing, modeling, video games, and draw comics. I love going to drag shows on Capitol Hill and going to all the different pot shops in Seattle.

Review Disclaimer

I write a lot of reviews. I try to stay really true to what I’m experiencing. When I’m reviewing a store, there are often questions about the way I critique the website. I’m trying to summarize what a customer’s experience looks like when they go to the site. That includes little errors like bad links, lack of descriptions, not understanding the products, and the like.

If you would like an updated review, please contact me through the “Contact” dongle here. I don’t retract things unless they are factually wrong. The updated review will add content to the old article for Google-ability.

Support Me

I smoke a lot of weed. If you’d like to chip in to that budget, please support the blog! You can do that by using the affiliate links I’ve accrued. When you visit a blog post, navigating to another site through a link on that page will tell the website that I helped direct you there. Many of these include discounts! It doesn’t cost any more.

The website is active on Instagram and Twitter. Please like, follow, and share posts that you enjoy! Links to those are in the footer.

Hire Me

As evidenced by this website, I have experience and interest in writing about cannabis. I have more than a year’s experience in the industry, I have a Medical Marijuana Consultant Certificate, giving me an industry standard of cannabis knowledge. I am comfortable writing on many cannabis-related subjects like CBD, consumption methods, dosing, background, strain profiles, terpenes, pretty much anything you can name. I have also written product descriptions and have worked with websites for optimization.

I do photography for the site as well. I do cannabis macro shots and portrait photography. If you are in the Seattle area and have a project, I’d probably love to pitch in.

Thank you so much for reading!