Review: Mile High Glass

Mile High Glass is a huge online head shop! They are chock full of pipes that I haven't seen anywhere else. They even supply a few stores around Seattle with their glass.  Mile High Glass was born out of "Operation Pipe Dream". It was a sting put on the the DEA to shut down online … Continue reading Review: Mile High Glass

Try These New Cannabis #Croptober Strains Only Found in Washington

#CROPTOBER is almost over and Washington cannabis consumers are about to reap the benefits! Croptober represents the season where sun-grown cannabis is harvested. If outdoor is your thing, getting freshly grown flower from these newly cultivated strains is practically a holiday. It's always nice to have a fresh bowl of weed. People learn to identify … Continue reading Try These New Cannabis #Croptober Strains Only Found in Washington

Where To Buy the Best Bongs

Bongs are the most iconic piece of stoner paraphernalia, hands down. Bongs are preferred by many smokers because it diffuses and humidifies the smoke. You should have a connection to something that is used that much. I tell people at the bong shop that the right piece will "speak to you". However, a lot of … Continue reading Where To Buy the Best Bongs