The Best Lighter Accessories

Lighters should be way cooler than they are. Have you ever had a friend run out of lighters and said "Really? But you're a stoner!" Tell yourself this if you only have a Clipper/Bic. There is so much more out there. You have to see this new trend in streetwear and design. People are producing … Continue reading The Best Lighter Accessories

How Was Hempfest?

Hempfest went great. It was so strange seeing it from a new perspective! I went last year when I had no experience in the industry, I was just a medical user who went to the pot shop every other day. I had a lot of issues about weed shame and being self conscious about my … Continue reading How Was Hempfest?

Inside the Cannabis Industry : LemonHaze Block Party 2018

Today I went with my friend to an official weed party. LemonHaze is a company that produces cannabis conventions, and this was their summer block party. These events are surreal. The street is lined with booths on booths of friendly swag-bearing cannabis producers. There’s huge pictures everywhere of weed, merchandise, and packaging. People are dressed … Continue reading Inside the Cannabis Industry : LemonHaze Block Party 2018