LEGAL’s Rainier Cherry Infused Lemonade

I recently got another pot shop job! Well, another head shop job. I'm back in business, baby. Retail, to be specific. Beautiful, beautiful, bong retail. It's more than a talent, it's a calling. That or I'm just high a lot and nerd out about all kinds of cannabis. I am once again a freshly minted … Continue reading LEGAL’s Rainier Cherry Infused Lemonade

Cannabis Gift Guide : Your Hot Stoner Girlfriend

Your hot stoner girlfriend deserves a better smoking kit in 2019. Having an old dingy pipe and smelly ashes isn't good enough for her. Get her something that says "I appreciate that you smoke weed". Let's get into some recommendations I have for products they deserve.  This floral dab mat by GetBlazed on Etsy is perfect … Continue reading Cannabis Gift Guide : Your Hot Stoner Girlfriend

Recommendation: My Favorite Party Strains

I love a drag show. I've had many weed-laced memories of nights out on the town. My best friends are drag queens, my brother is a drag queen, and my acquaintances do drag. I've also done drag a few times. It's a really fun space to be in. I've had a handful of weedy drag friends … Continue reading Recommendation: My Favorite Party Strains