How to Choose A Grinder

One of the first purchases a lot of people make when they start smoking is a grinder. It's ubiquitous; every smoker has one. If you don't, I don't understand you. Are you picking apart the flower with your fingers? Do you only buy prerolls? Buy a grinder. There's a few good reasons why you shouldn't … Continue reading How to Choose A Grinder

Recommendation: My Favorite Party Strains

I love a drag show. I've had many weed-laced memories of nights out on the town. My best friends are drag queens, my brother is a drag queen, and my acquaintances do drag. I've also done drag a few times. It's a really fun space to be in. I've had a handful of weedy drag friends … Continue reading Recommendation: My Favorite Party Strains

Perspective : Who Are Budtender Parties For Anyways?

Budtenders are the face of the cannabis industry. Some people might assume that pot shops are very small businesses. However, most shops have a full roster of business professionals that help administrate the store. Like many companies, "entry-level" employees have a much different work culture than people in management roles. Cannabis is a compassionate industry, … Continue reading Perspective : Who Are Budtender Parties For Anyways?

10+ of the Best Grinders on Etsy

Grinders are a ubiquitous part of a smoking kit. I've barely ever seen a jazzy one in real life. Everyone I know has a basic silver piece that they've never replaced. Why did everyone buy a boring one? With all of the interesting products on the market, we can definitely afford to buy a more … Continue reading 10+ of the Best Grinders on Etsy

Try These New Cannabis #Croptober Strains Only Found in Washington

#CROPTOBER is almost over and Washington cannabis consumers are about to reap the benefits! Croptober represents the season where sun-grown cannabis is harvested. If outdoor is your thing, getting freshly grown flower from these newly cultivated strains is practically a holiday. It's always nice to have a fresh bowl of weed. People learn to identify … Continue reading Try These New Cannabis #Croptober Strains Only Found in Washington