LEGAL’s Rainier Cherry Infused Lemonade

I recently got another pot shop job! Well, another head shop job. I'm back in business, baby. Retail, to be specific. Beautiful, beautiful, bong retail. It's more than a talent, it's a calling. That or I'm just high a lot and nerd out about all kinds of cannabis. I am once again a freshly minted … Continue reading LEGAL’s Rainier Cherry Infused Lemonade

Satori Haul : Strawberry Cheesecake, Thicket Wicket, and Blue Roots Sugar!

I'm having such a lovely weed Renaissance this week. I have my ID card back, and I've had reasons to be in very different parts of town. That means I've been able to visit shops that I haven't seen in a long while. Unfortunately, I'm between cannabis gigs, meaning I don't get a discount. On … Continue reading Satori Haul : Strawberry Cheesecake, Thicket Wicket, and Blue Roots Sugar!

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Review: Indiva Rude Boi

Things have been up in the air and I've been juggling. There are so many parts of my life that are changing. A new relationship, applying for jobs, and starting some side photography projects has kept me busy. However, I have had enough down time to appreciate some new strains. Here's how I came upon … Continue reading Review: Indiva Rude Boi

Review FashionablyHigh.Ca


I love looking for new stores. Appreciating cannabis includes methodically buying your paraphernalia. I explore Instagram all the time for different brands that are trying to get out there. There are so many stores, and they are so disconnected! That was one of the main intents of this blog. I want to bring together cannabis … Continue reading Review:

Review: Paris OG by Paris Cannabis

I'm so surprised I've never heard of Paris OG before. It looks like a name that would stick out to me on a menu. It sounds fancy. Even the branding on this strain is cool: a black bag with striking yellow accents and a big picture of the Eiffel Tower. This brand stays true to … Continue reading Review: Paris OG by Paris Cannabis