Review FashionablyHigh.Ca


I love looking for new stores. Appreciating cannabis includes methodically buying your paraphernalia. I explore Instagram all the time for different brands that are trying to get out there. There are so many stores, and they are so disconnected! That was one of the main intents of this blog. I want to bring together cannabis … Continue reading Review:

Try These New Cannabis #Croptober Strains Only Found in Washington

#CROPTOBER is almost over and Washington cannabis consumers are about to reap the benefits! Croptober represents the season where sun-grown cannabis is harvested. If outdoor is your thing, getting freshly grown flower from these newly cultivated strains is practically a holiday. It's always nice to have a fresh bowl of weed. People learn to identify … Continue reading Try These New Cannabis #Croptober Strains Only Found in Washington

10+ Autumn Strains to Fall in Love With

Sometimes we forget weed is a plant. It takes a lot of time and knowledge to create a new strain. They work with the genetics to find the best qualities. We can trace information about strains back generations and see what they're made of. I'm writing profiles for the strains that have been released recently. … Continue reading 10+ Autumn Strains to Fall in Love With

The Best Lighter Accessories

Lighters should be way cooler than they are. Have you ever had a friend run out of lighters and said "Really? But you're a stoner!" Tell yourself this if you only have a Clipper/Bic. There is so much more out there. You have to see this new trend in streetwear and design. People are producing … Continue reading The Best Lighter Accessories