Finding a glass piece that you’re proud of can be a personal journey! Having the confidence to buy a piece takes a lot of trust. However, there are a few great loopholes in head shop magic.

Stores stock a ton of products, and they don’t always know what’s going to sell.

When a store buys a heady product, they’re not sure they’ll find that one big buyer who will drop $1000 on a piece. Some of them do sell full price, but many get knocked down in price.

Head shops rely on big ticket items. When it comes to smaller accessories, they don’t care as much about the profit margin. It’s easy to find accessories on sale. Full retail price is paying for the convenience of day-of shopping, and that’s not the experience you’re going for when shopping online.

It’s also important to know where to look! So here is a collection of pages for you to peruse.

I hope this page helps you find what you’re looking for!

Many of the pages included have affiliate links that support the blog.

DopeBoo Sales Page

DopeBoo has a regularly updated sales section. It has many big-name pieces, like Marley’s Naturals, Empire Glassworks, and GRAV. They have water pipes, dry pipes, vapes, and parts & accessories.

I like this sales section because it has many slight discounts. I’ve seen other stores where they only use their sales section as a dumping site for the worst quality, ugliest products they have. DopeBoo has some seriously sweet stuff. It’s not a serious discount for most items, maybe 15-20%, but that’s enough to motivate a sale for a lot of people.

The site kind of has broken links when it comes to sales items. Navigating to those links will get you ALL items in the category, not just sales items. The only way to find only sales items is to go to the sales page.

You can get 10% off your first order from DopeBoo by signing up with your e-mail!

Brothers With Glass Sales Page

Brothers With Glass looks pretty copy-paste when it comes to the website. However, upon further inspection, you can see that they stock “over 50 US Artist” (not “artists”, apparently).

There is no link to it on the website, but I found the sales page! Hurrah!

The sales page has some pretty neat products. There are a lot of grab bags. I like that stores do this. People get anxious about picking out pieces, so getting a random one is easier. Some of the grab bags do feature imported glass. Those are just so gas station. They’re not pieces I would show off or add to a collection, they’re pieces that you can get at any shop. Support local glass whenever possible, people.

It isn’t a huge sales section, but I’m happy that there are a few heady pieces in there. It would be so great to happen upon a piece that you really like that just happened to be unpopular at this particular store. It could save hundreds!

Most of the sales section is accessories for dabbing.

Mile High Glass Pipes Sales Page

My bong came from this producer! They are an online retailer as well as a wholesaler. They have a wide selection of bongs in a few different artistic themes. My bong comes from the line of pieces rolled in millie beads.

To my knowledge, Mile High doesn’t have a dedicated sales page. They do offer 5% off if you sign up for their e-mail list!

Dank Geek Sales Page


DankGeek is super cute! I love that they picked a theme. There are so many stoner geeks, it makes total sense. They don’t just stick to novelty pipes, they h ave a wonderful selection!

Their sales page has pieces that I would be happy to buy. It’s not overwhelmed by pieces too ugly for life (like some sites have). There are good bongs, dab rigs, hand spoons, silicone pieces, and a few dab accessories. There isn’t a steep discount. Some items are brought down just a few dollars. The page is still very worth the perusal.

Dr. Dabber Switch Vaporizer
Dr. Dabber Switch Vaporizer, $399.99 – $379.99

420 Science Sales Page

Image result for 420 science logo

420 Science has two sections for discounted items: “Clearance” and “Sales“. Clearance is for items that are being cleared out of inventory. When they are sold out they won’t be re-upped. The sales items are temporarily discounted for

420 Science offers price matching, maybe? The sales page description says “If it’s not here and you’ve seen it somewhere else for cheaper let us know! We may be able to price match it. ” How many consumers are going to contact the store to maybe get their price reduced?

There are items here I haven’t seen anywhere else. This GRAVE Saxophone Sherlock is really cool. I would call $19.99 for a Sherlock pipe “an incredibly bitchin’ price”.

GRAV Saxophone Sherlock - Black - 420 Science
GRAV Saxophone Sherlock – Black, $19.99

The sales section isn’t particularly big, but I’m so happy that it features pieces that I could see myself buying. Having two different sections for discounts is pretty unique. I’m surprised they ask the consumer to care about the distinction between “Clearance” and “Sales”.

Grass City Sales Page

Grass City labels their sales page as “Sales/Clearance/Outlet” in their URL.

I would say that Grass City has a good variety, but almost a full page (25%) of the sales page is made of Trailer Park Boys branded items. The rest of the pages are Grasscity branded items, a few novelty items, a few unbranded (probably import) glass pieces, and smoking products. That’s not a bad selection, you could get a full kit with a big discount. Speaking of which, GrassCity also offers a few Package deals in their sales section.

I guess some of their Combos didn’t sell particularly well. The description says that this combo has an “unbeatable” price. They originally charged $29.99. Let’s look at these products.

I listed the product’s prices as I know them. These are all high-margin products. I’m worried about how garbage-y these products are. The tin mini rolling tray is not particularly acceptable. It’s lower than entry-level. You don’t have to buy a $50 RAW rolling tray to be satisfied, but please don’t buy this tin piece of crap. Use anything else.

For rolling trays, I recommend going to a vintage shop and buying an old tray or plate. They look super classy and interesting. I’ve bought rolling trays at Habitat for Humanity, Goodwill, flea markets, and consignment shops. They all cost less than $4.

Anyways, some of these products are actually helpful. Rolling papers? Sure. Hempwick? I think you’re a hippie, but go on. Pipe screens are also useful, but I prefer the glass ones. However, the HALVED price is still $15. I estimate that these products all together are worth about $18.25. I’m not actually sure what the button thing is on the top left of the graphic, so I didn’t add that to the equation.

You should be getting a much better deal than this if you have the forethought to buy in bulk. If you like metal pipe screens, buy a huge box of them (like these on Amazon). That’s 200 pieces for $5! And it’s not like you would have to go out of your way to shop on Amazon. And it’s not as if the box is so beautifully curated that you want to support the small business. Every product on here is too marked up. Be careful around these.

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