Birthday Cake by Blue Roots Cannabis Strain Review

Birthday cake things are really my jam. I love birthday cake ice cream, all cakes eaten in celebration of birthdays, and the general panache of the idea. The flavor is even rainbow colored! I just so happen to be celebrating my birthday this week as well. When I wandered into Ponder today, Birthday Cake by Blue Roots was an easy choice.

I woke up today, the day after my birthday, without the fanfare of “it’s my birthday!” ringing in my ears. There was just a quiet suppressed murmur of “I guess I’m 25 now”. However, another thought made my morning routine move at hyper speed. My favorite donut place was finally back open after their random weekly Wednesday hiatus. These donuts are an obsession of mine. Clinically, as part of my autism diagnosis, I happen to have a strong passionate drive for things I get deeply obsessed with. Living next to a lovely Seattle foodie scene praised donut shop, Raised Doughnuts, has engaged that passionate drive. I go there at least twice a week.

Raised Doughnuts! Try the Mochi Sugar and Raspberry Holes

I spell donuts “donuts” because I think it’s funny to think of the word as “don’t’s”. The accurate spelling is doughnuts. Doughnuts are made of dough, not do.

After that, I wander over to Ponder. Ponder is my preferred neighborhood weed shop. The staff always seem like someone you might smoke with, and they always make me laugh while I’m there. Speaking of which, when did my laugh become a stoner laugh? Is my laugh stonier when I’m around these beanie-wearing wake n’ bakers? The ID guy opens the door for me and I plonk my mocha on the much-to-high-for-some-reason counter so I can fish out my driver’s. Access granted, I walk into the rest of the store.

I go up to the ATM while some customer at the other end of the store starts getting louder and louder. I wasn’t a budtender for too long, but I’ve met this customer at least three times. He was yelling about not getting free things. This time he said he thought that loyalty points would justify some kind of freebie. The budtender (who I later found out to be the manager) was being impeccably nice about the situation. The gist of his response was ‘sorry, I would do that if it wasn’t illegal’. I pull a 20 out of the machine while the cashless, desperate, yelling guy shouts “you’re confusing!” while running out of the store. I’m the next in line, I guess, and walk up to the budtender. We share an incredulous look. I share sympathies about guys like that and we both laugh about it.

I tell him my weed situation. I had put in a preorder, but I couldn’t actually afford the total. The budtenders at Ponder are usually nice about changing preorders because their stock is often so small that the system doesn’t register that they have such-and-such strain still available. The I Heart Jane system doesn’t put items with under 5 in stock in the preorder menu.

I asked the budtender if they had any Violet Flame by Blue Roots left. Violet Flame is also my jam right now, and I just tried it a few days ago. It’s a fabulous combination of Purple Urkle and White Flame 43. It’s a tasty, diesel-y, potent strain that had me verbally confirming that I was high after just one bowl. I almost never get announcing-that-I’m-high-high. Its’ price point matches that, of course. Ponder had it at $16 a gram. But I would trade an eighth of whatever weed for a gram of this unicorn miracle stuff.

Violet Flame Blue Roots Cannabis

Anyways, they were out of it.

I asked the budtender if he had any hybrid-ish strains from Blue Roots. He recommended either Sundae Driver or Birthday Cake. Sundae Driver leans indica while Birthday Cake is more of a 50/50 balance. I told him my birthday was yesterday, so I had to choose the birthday cake.

Birthday Cake Cannabis Strain

Birthday Cake is GSC x Cherry Pie. Cherry Pie is one of my all time top favorite strains. It registers as very potent to me. Its’ lineage is Grandaddy Purple x Durban Poison. Both of those strains are heavy hitters. When people have insomnia, I always recommend Grandaddy Purple. It will knock you out. Durban Poison is at the other end of the effects spectrum. It’s a strong head high that puts you in a happy daze. Girl Scout Cookies is the classic OG Kush x Durban Poison cross. That makes Birthday Cake about half Durban Poison. OG Kush is a fun, calming strain that they probably used to balance out the other effects.

Birthday Cake by Blue Roots Cannabis

The budtender at Ponder said that Birthday Cake was another name for Wedding Cake. Leafly doesn’t list Birthday Cake under Wedding Cake for some reason. I wish the site was more connected that way. It only says Pink Cookies is another name. Maybe there is a distinction between the strains to growers that isn’t apparent to outsiders.

The packaging of Blue Roots cannabis reflects the high price. It’s a great design, glass jar with a tight pressure seal rim. Birthday Cake is appropriately packaged in rainbow sprinkles. It also features candles in their signature tree, which (along with Violet Flame) is the second tree-on-fire motif I’ve seen from them. The jar also has a lot of pertinent information, like the cross strains and the terpene content. People should invest enough effort into their medical cannabis experience to understand how terpene contents can help relieve symptomology, but this information is probably confusing to a lot of people. This strain has a lot of Myrcene!

The effects of Birthday Cake were hauntingly familiar. On exhaling, I feel a creamy sweet flavor on the back of my tongue. It is genetically Wedding Cake, and everything about the gram I bought makes that clear. After a few draws of the strain I felt very comforted and secure. It helped with my anxiety, and I felt like things were going to be okay. It was very functional, and I had no trouble getting up from my chair and writing more.

I enjoyed Birthday Cake. Blue aroots has been expensive, but very consistent.

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