LEGAL’s Rainier Cherry Infused Lemonade

I recently got another pot shop job! Well, another head shop job. I’m back in business, baby. Retail, to be specific. Beautiful, beautiful, bong retail. It’s more than a talent, it’s a calling. That or I’m just high a lot and nerd out about all kinds of cannabis.

I am once again a freshly minted “Industry Discount” card holder, metaphorically. This manifests in my life in pot shop receipts. Where did all of these receipts come from? Damn it, there’s another! I have no idea where these keep coming from.

I’m a pot store magnet. Of course I want to see that store we just passed. We should be pulling over. There’s weed in there to explore.

Habit wise this has placed me all over the map. I’ve actually been into buying drinks and edibles! That is almost never a part of those pot shop receipts.

Picture of LEGAL's Lemonade infused cannabis  beverage by Mirth Provisions
Picture of LEGAL’s Lemonade infused cannabis beverage by Mirth Provisions

When making an online order, I noticed that the pot store had drinks for under $10. That’s less than buying a drink over ice at a bar. I don’t drink liquor, actually. It does seem comparable.

I liken the feeling of an infused drink to a drink at the bar. 10mg is more than the average well-packed bowl of weed. Experiencing the high drinks can give you is much different than a joint puff or whatever got you started on THC. For one, this drink is so tasty that the weed taste is ignorable. Another big thing that changes is the timing of your high. Drinks are good for evenings and days off when you can let the high settle and linger.

I definitely recommend this line of infused beverage. “LEGAL” drinks are so refreshing and make me feel like using THC doesn’t have to always equate to a resin covered sticky mess. It’s just a lovely sparkling lemonade, kind of like Trader Joe’s sparkling juices.

“LEGAL” drinks come in a few varieties based on strain “profiles”. There is Rainier Cherry Hybrid, Pomegranate Sativa, Lemon Ginger Indica, Espresso Mocha Sativa, and Cranberry CBD. At least, that’s what’s on their website.

The selection at my local post shops is pretty limited. I think that cannabis culture could stand to get into edibles more in general, and stocking tasty under $10 drinks would be a great effort towards that. The varieties offered at my shop were Original Lemonade and Rainier Cherry Lemonade. Rainier Cherry is so Washington State that I had to try it.

The tangy cherry juice was a perfect complement to the rest of the drink. I don’t normally go for fizzy drinks, they bother my senses. LEGAL lemonade wasn’t like that, though. It felt more like a premixed cocktail.

LEGAL drinks are produced by Mirth Provisions. Mirth Provisions makes a few lines of cannabis products. They are all solidly in the edible market, as well as a sublingual product. I’ve never seen the other products in stores, personally.

Picture of LEGAL's Lemonade infused cannabis  beverage by Mirth productions
Picture of LEGAL’s Lemonade infused cannabis beverage by Mirth Provisions

The consistency of the drink wasn’t bothersome. When drinks have higher amounts of THC or CBD they usually appear cloudier. This effect is much less noticable in the Lemonades compared to Happy Apple. It does a lot for it’s palatability, the cloudiness usually comes with a noxious weed taste.

I have been converted to a weed drinker! This drink is fabulous. I can’t possibly deny that 6 or 7 dollars is a reasonable price for an edible that takes you this long to consume, tastes this good, and delivers a nice clean product.

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