Have a Heart Belltown Haul: Artizen’s Mango Haze, Gold Leaf’s Purple Punch, and Liberty Reach Frosted Cherry Cookies Pre-Rolls

I had the opportunity to visit Have A Heart’s Belltown location recently. I was going on a Tinder date, as one does. This day had been another of a very long dry spell. Dry spell as in weed, not dates. I had been smoking almost exclusively keif for the past two or three days, and I was incredibly ready to shop again. When I get this low on weed, the stoner in me jumps out. Not like Shaggy from Scooby-Doo, more like an “every stoner is an engineer when there’s nothing to smoke out of” stoner. I will find weed come hell or high water.

Before this date, I rolled up to Have a Heart’s Belltown location to shop for weed before the girl was going to show up. I never feel particularly sketched out when buying weed, but Belltown’s ambiance comes close to it. I’ve been to the location several times, and all were highlighted with an interaction with an urban-outdoorsy stranger and having to deny their request for a donation. It can get a bit stressful, especially as someone who rolls up to these places alone. Have a Heart is good about having their ID Checkers in front of the store. I’m assuming this is also for efficiency, but I feel a little bit safer knowing other people are around.

The ID checkers are always polite. I ducked in to the store without much time to dawdle. This store always has some budtenders posted by their displays. It’s a sort of wall of weed in very brightly lit display cases. I like this display because they put the higher quality cannabis lower on the shelf, so it’s easy to discern grade.

I picked out a few items and got in their winding line. I got called up by a budtender, and he was psyched about my choices. Unfortunately, he found that the store was completely out of everything I asked for. I told him I was going to “reshop” and get back in line. At that point, I had to get going to my cute little date. I walked back the way I came to a cute coffee shop and met someone from Tinder.

Shout out to Bedlam Coffee for being the most eclectic, charming, and tasty coffee shop I’ve been to in Seattle. I have to get to Belltown more often to drape myself on one of their odd furniture pieces to be the Fraiser-like cafe regular I’ve always intended on being. Tinder girl was late, but it was because of bus delays. Totally relatable. I spent my few extra minutes on something productive: continuing to look at Have a Heart’s menu. This time I was using their online store, which was delightfully not annoying to navigate. Feeling very metropolitan, I ordered my weed online. My date showed up just a few minutes later and we had a wonderful conversation over an iced French Toast Latte.

Thank god my date ended up being appropriately stoney, because we continued our evening by walking over to Have A Heart. The store was busy as always, but much more open and easy to walk through than earlier in the day. I bee-lined for the “Online Order Pick Up” line and chatted with my date for the quick duration of the wait. We got my order quick and walked back the other direction. We didn’t smoke that night, but I still love that we did a weed-based activity.

Artizen’s Mango Haze CBD Pre Rolls

One of my goals this week is to lower my tolerance. This is a really hard process. I usually forget my go-to method, which is using CBD weed.

I hate to phrase it like this, but CBD can be like “diet weed”. You can smoke a gram of CBD, get the full pleasure of running it through your paraphernalia, and have much less THC in your system. It’s hard to tell sometimes whether or not weed is really changing my mind state because of my higher tolerance.

Grabbing some Mango Haze was a great idea. It’s a CBD sativa that has about a 1:1 ratio of THC to CBD. I choose CBD strains with a bit of THC. It makes me feel a lot more satisfied, like something actually HAPPENED after I smoked. If I only have a CBD, I might loose track of how much I’m having and burn through the entire stash. I could smoke CBD all day, but it’s just not as cost effective.

I’ve smoked this strain before, but it was at least a year ago. Most stores don’t have a very large range of CBD options, and this is the most widely available strain I’ve seen. I really enjoyed smoking this. I think it’s perfect for a light sativa-CBD feeling. After the first inhale, I get a bright euphoric head rush. As I exhale, there’s a back end hint of mango-ey tropical flavors. It’s tasty without being in your face, and still has a light/bright sativa quality to it. I’ve also recently purchased two more grams of the flower version of this, which was slightly more sticky and satisfying to smoke. Next time, I would probably get flower again instead of pre-rolls. I never feel the need to smoke an entire CBD joint, because one hit makes me feel so much better.

Ground Purple Punch
Ground Purple Punch

Gold Leaf’s Purple Punch

As soon as I heard the heritage of Black Cherry Punch (Black Cherry Pie and Purple Punch), I had to the strains. Purple Punch can get it any time. I have fallen in love with purple strains. Purple Punch is a unicorn strain for me. It’s made of two heavy hitters: Granddaddy Purple and Larry OG. I assumed Larry OG was “Larry Bird”, also known as Gelato. It’s actually an “OG” (“Ocean Grown”, or West Coast strain). It’s lemony and diesel-like, not particularly hazy or sleepy. On the other hand, Grandaddy Purple is the strain that I recommend people for sleep issues. If I get a good gram of GDP in me I’m not going to do any thinking for the rest of the night.

Black Cherry Pie is the foundation of Black Cherry Punch’s yummy smell. I will not apologize to being partial to strains that don’t sound or smell ugly. Garlic just doesn’t sound as good as pie. I’m a dessert person. Any-who….

Purple Punch puts these two strains together in a really fabulous way. Gold Leaf makes things look so fancy in their beautifully designed packages (“give thanks and praise” though? Not my cup of tea), but they do actually follow that up with some great nugs. It had both purple and green leaves, and had a ton of orange hairs. It ground up fairly flaky and wasn’t particularly sticky, which is not what I expected from a bag marked from just two months ago. Somehow I still get weed from 2018 in my bag, and I’m always annoyed that I didn’t think to check. It barely matters, but it has to, doesn’t it?

I did really enjoy this strain and I’m glad that it is pretty popular right now. I’ve seen many big names in my area add Purple Punch to their lines of cannabis. I’d be interested to see if any other brands do it as well.

Liberty Reach’s Frosted Cherry Cookies

Frosted Cherry Cookies has become a standard strain for me. The genetics are right and Liberty Reach’s quality is super consistent. I always get the pre-rolls, I never notice it being sold as flower. It’s bred from The White and Cherry Cookies. The White is earthy and spicy, and is fundamental to a few strains I’ve enjoyed. Cherry Cookies is awesome because it includes Pink Cookies, which is also called Wedding Cake. Wedding Cake is one of my favorites, it’s delightfully stony. Cherry Cookies also has Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies, which is phenotype (kind of like a choice cut being used to breed more) of Girl Scout Cookie. These are all very well-rounded effects, balancing head and body as well as euphoric and hazy. It also has a nice cherry flavor. I burned through these pre-rolls within a day. They are very fun.

I’ve been working on a few things for the blog, but things have slowed down for the moment. I will be releasing articles every week, even though I missed the last two.

Thank you so much for reading!

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