New Cannabis Strains for March: Purple Pie, Cookie Puss, and more!

March treated me very well! It was a nice month. I have been interviewing for positions in the cannabis industry again! I really hope that something comes through. I found that work outside the industry wasn’t really satisfying, and I wasn’t being appreciated for my skills. I’ve built up such a cannabis industry resume that it’s easy to go down that road. I have spent time making sure that the blog is run well and is constantly improving. It would also be nice to interact with people in person. I hope this budtending job goes through.

Spring brought on a lot of new strains. I ventured outside of my normal Fweedom menu and went to a few non-industry-discount shops that were just closer to my destination. I visited The Reef in Capitol Hill a few times. The store had many brands and varieties I hadn’t seen in months. I’ve seen a lot of stores pick up the brand Gold Leaf. They have varieties that I haven’t been able to find information on, but seem to be very popular. I’m still researching their exact origins.

Here are some explanations of a few new strains you might notice around stores. When I saw these on the menu, I was really motivated to look up the genetics. These profiles worked really well with me. Purple Pie is a great indica and I also really enjoyed Cookie Puss as a wax from Sticky Budz.

Purple Pie

Purple Pie is a strain distinct to Freddy’s Fuego. Freddy’s Fuego has bred some very interesting stuff recently. Their branding and packaging is so clean and expensive looking that they are justifying $50 price tags for an eighth. Thank god for industry discounts.

Is the price worth it? Well, I am not one to budget about weed. Usually a price point like that is getting you great weed. I’ve seen more expensive varieties from Exotikz. I’ve spent around $54 for an eighth of weed from them. Doesn’t that sound like a lot? Well, it is, but compare that to buying an eighth for $35. Some even go lower! That price is only going to buy you budget weed. Everything about it is less satisfying. You won’t be able to tell if you’re very new, but I can sniff out every little flaw. Everything from how it grinds to how the smoke comes out is effected. Another big point about prices is the company’s dedication to only adding chemicals that are okay for you to smoke. A higher price point gives the company wiggle room to have space for things like “morals”.

Okay, I just noticed that Freddy’s Fuego has a strain called “3 in the Pink”. I’m not high enough for this to be funny. Freddy’s is clearly very male-centric, judging between that strain name and the little pin ups scattered among their web pages. A professional company should understand that a woman may feel bad coming up to a counter and asking some odd budtender for 3 in the Pink. I can’t.

The strain is made of Cherry Pie and “UW”.

Cherry Pie

Cherry Pie is made of Granddaddy Purple and Durban Poison. Both of those strains are very standard and used for many cross strains. The combination creates a tasty cherry pie flavor. The strain is pretty popular right now. There are usually a few strains with “Pie” in the name in any store’s lineup.

Granddaddy Purple

Granddaddy Purple is a very heavy indica to me. I remember smoking it and being incredibly sedated. Unlike some indicas, it still allowed me to function. It isn’t particularly interesting. It’s probably best left to users who are very deliberately going for a sedating effect. It isn’t a fun/party high. You’re going to have less energy. You can ride that out or take a nap. It’s not my favorite, but can be fun to play with when you need that sedation. The relaxed feeling this strain gives you can be wonderful for almost any kind of tension. All the pressures that you hold in your body are kneaded out quickly.

Durban Poison

Durban Poison takes that in a different direction. Durban is much more cerebral and creative. Durban Poison is called a “pure sativa”. This strain can give you more energy, or at least make you more awake. This feeling manifests as anxiety for a lot of people. Durban Poison definitely gave me a little bit of anxiety, which was annoying to cope with when I just wanted to be smiley. It is POWERFUL and EXACTLY a sativa.

Combining Durban Poison and Grandaddy Purple makes for a very nice hybrid effect. Durban’s “pure” sativa energy combines well with Grandaddy Purple’s stress relief.


The strain “UW” goes by a few different names. You might see a “U-Dub” or “UW Purple” in stock instead of “UW”. It is a pure indica variety with unknown origins. The strain may have come from the University of Washington, an alum, or someone with a lot of school spirit. It’s an apt name because the U of W’s colors are yellow and deep purple. Nugs of UW have big, crystal-covered purple leaves.

The effects of this strain are classic indica. It is noted for its’ useful medical effects for patients with insomnia and sleep problems. It isn’t particularly cerebral or mind-activating. Sedation is fun to play with. Some people, especially those with lower tolerances, may have to take a nap. For others a strain like UW would be incredibly relaxing and release physical tension. When treating malaise, I recommend trying all kinds of strains. Some attributes of a sativa might be good for physical tension as well. You never know.

Bringing all of these elements together makes Purple Pie a very fun strain. Named for its purple-y fat indica leaves. Cherry Pie lends its super tasty flavor profile to make UW’s slightly fruity purple terpenes shine. I love a tasty strain. People have also noticed a slightly peppery taste.

UW doesn’t have many cerebral effects, but Cherry Pie allows this strain to be euphoric. Combine that with sedative effects and you have a nice high going. UW is useful for many tension-related symptoms, so this strain will be very useful for anyone who tends to carry stress.

If you really respond to the effects of Durban Poison or sedative indicas this would be a good strain to try. I like that Freddy’s is experimental with their strains. Good luck conjuring up the courage to buy a $50 eighth, newbies.

Cookie Puss

Cookie Puss is a cute name. It is a hybrid between Girl Scout Cookies and…. Cat Piss. Okay, cannabis industry, call it what you may. This is still a great strain. Talk about having the courage to ask for a gross name, sheesh.

Cat Piss

This strain is super powerful. It’s powerful in a very specific way though. It is almost purely a head high. I really like head highs, I find them to be more noticeable and powerful than body highs.

Cat Piss was bred from a phenotype of Super Silver Haze. That strain is a cross between Skunk, Northern Lights, and Haze. I really like Haze strains because of the cerebral euphoria. Northern Lights is a pure indica. Skunk is a standard hybrid with diverse genetics, having been bred into many varieties. Super Silver Haze seems like someone was trying to make their ideal hybrid.

I also noticed some people saying that Cat Piss has been bred from different genetics over time. It might also be a cross between Northern Lights and Granddaddy Purple. Another source says says that there are different kinds of Cat Piss by location. Northern California has a Afghani landrace strain while Souther California was from the Trainwreck strain. The effects are the same: very fun head high.

Girl Scout Cookies

“GSC”, a legal term used to refer to Girl Scout Cookies, is a great standard strain that you will see everywhere. It has a distinct earthy sweet smell. It’s a hybrid, giving happy feelings and relaxation. People are pretty familiar with GSC by now. It’s the base of a lot of popular strains that have “Cookie” in the name, like White Tahoe Cookies and Frosted Cherry Cookies. GSC is made of Durban and OG Kush.

Cookie Puss brings Cat Piss and Girl Scout Cookies together (I do NOT like that sentence). Apparently this strain has a rare pink phenotype that results in pink speckled flowers. The effects from Cat Piss and GSC come together for a nice hybrid effect. GSC is more soothing and Cat Piss is uplifting. This can be great for when you want the happiness of a sativa when you still carry tension.

I bought this strain from my old shop before I left. I rarely pick up a concentrate, but I wanted to get all kinds of products before losing my employee discount. I saw that Sticky Budz produced this strain, and I thought the name containing “Cookie” had to be good. I also had smoked this strain a few years ago from a friend’s big stemmy jar of shake. Sticky Budz is a great company, and I totally trusted them to make something great. I remembered the strain as nicely cerebral. Cookie Puss ventures into the euphoric for me easily. It’s such a happy strain.

Strawberry Shortcake

Strawberry Shortcake seems awfully hyped up. The description on Leafly is pretty complimentary; it literally says “feel[s] like a slice of heaven”. Maybe the person who reviewed it has a really low tolerance?

Exotikz by “Jungle Boys” is a very flashy brand. If you’ve seen their products, you know that their packaging screams “TOP SHELF!” I have bought many $54 eighths from this brand, mostly of their Wedding Cake strain. I remember seeing their shiny bags and thinking “I HAVE to have that”.


Strawberry Shortcake by Exotikz is made of White Wookie and The White. Or it might be a “J3 cut of Juliet” and Strawberry Diesel. There are conflicting reports. It looks like a few people took shortcuts for their website’s reviews and copy-pasted from unofficial sources. I’ll profile the White Wookie/The White version and the Juliet/Strawberry Diesel version.

White Wookie

White Wookie is an indica dominant hybrid made of three different strains. Girl Scout Cookies is combined with White 91, which is made of The White and Chemdawg 91. GSC brings earthiness, The White and Chemdawg bring on a sharp citrus flavor.

The White

The White is a very balanced hybrid, and using it twice in this lineage makes for a It makes for an earthy citrus flavor that is great for people looking for potency.

Combining The White and White Wookie is clever. I wouldn’t have expected the strains to make such a nice flavor together. It is technically an indica-dominant hybrid, but maintains a high THC percentage and is overall very effective.

Strawberry Diesel

Strawberry Diesel is made of Strawberry Cough and NYC Diesel. Strawberry Cough is my favorite strain. It makes me very happy and giggly. I also love the strawberry flavor. NYC Diesel is a cerebral, relaxing strain that tastes limey.


Juliet is made of Cinderella 99 and NYC Diesel. That means NYC Diesel is coming from all directions on this one. Cinderella 99 is a great sativa that is really peppy. Juliet is meant to be a cerebral, focusing high.

Combining Strawberry Diesel and Juliet is much more on the sativa effects side of the spectrum. Both kinds of strains are cerebral and high THC. I’d love to be able to sample both and tell the difference.

Pie Hoe

Pie Hoe is a super chill strain. I rarely go for a heavy indica, but a budtender at Fweedom basically placed it in my hands and insisted that it was necessary. You have to trust that.

When Exotikz makes Pie Hoe, they use Grape Pie and Tahoe OG. When SubX (Subdued Excitement) makes Pie Hoe, they use Cherry Pie and Tahoe OG. I’ll go over Grape Pie and Tahoe OG. Then I’ll try to identify the differences between these two versions of Pie Hoe.

Grape Pie

Grape Pie is a nice purple indica. It’s made of Grape Stomper and Cherry Pie. I really like Grape Stomper because of its’ bright grape flavor. It really tastes exactly like grapes (when done well). It’s a nice calm but nicely buzzy high.

Tahoe OG

Tahoe OG is a strong strain that I really enjoy. It is very much on the indica side of the spectrum. It’s heavy, and might make people fall asleep. I like the citrus earthy taste. It’s not a productive high at all.

Exotikz Pie Hoe is a yummy purple indica. It has sweet grape flavors and classic OG genetics. It is a potent indica and incredibly relaxing, while still being a fun high. Exotikz has nugs that are super impressive looking. Big, dense, trichome covered bugs with defined orange hairs. It is expensive and pretty dang great. There are other brands out in the market right now that are also worth $50 a eighth, so Exotikz has more competition than they used to. I’m not as wowed as I once was. I still love the sparkly packaging.

SubX’s Pie Hoe uses Cherry Pie instead of Grape Pie. I think the Cherry Pie version is a little bit yummier than Exotikz’. Cherry Pie has bright sharp cherry flavors while Grape Pie brought more sweetness. I like buying from SubX because they always have really great flavors. I tried their Lime 43 last month and I had to buy another eighth in like two days. Incredibly worth the price. The price is comparable to Exotikz, sometimes at $50 but I’ve also seen as low as $43.

It’s a great season for weed. I haven’t been this excited to try new strains since Croptober. There are tons of new strains on the market that I am interested in trying and writing about.

Hopefully I land that cannabis industry position so I can afford to smoke! The visual elements of my blog have been suffering because I haven’t bought much weed. I’ve been smoking Narnia by Soulshine for weeks. That is not cute for my tolerance. When your body gets used to a certain type of high, smoking another strain will register more with you. Smoking the same thing over and over again gets really repetitive. I’m still glad I chose such a great strain to buy an ounce of.

I’ve also tried some great grams and pre-rolls that I haven’t been able to feature. Gold Leaf has a lot of cool and popular strains that I’m dying to try. The problem is that they do not have any information on the lineage of their strains! I really like knowing what I’m getting into. I tried their Mamba strain, which was vaguely tropical, but who knows! If I buy an eighth of their product next time I’ll be able to figure out the strain’s traits much easier.

Thank you so much for reading!

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