I love looking for new stores. Appreciating cannabis includes methodically buying your paraphernalia. I explore Instagram all the time for different brands that are trying to get out there. There are so many stores, and they are so disconnected! That was one of the main intents of this blog. I want to bring together cannabis paraphernalia purveyors.

I love it when a site is unabashedly about POT. That’s why I’m so about this site I just found, . It’s feminine and fun. Their photography features weed in beautiful context where it’s fully appreciated. The whole point of getting a stash box is ‘decanting’ your weed into a more precious, more permanent container. It’s like a jewelry box, but with THC crystals.

Products is a boutique style store. It doesn’t feature many products. It’s a lifestyle brand, something you can use for aesthetic inspiration for your own weed life.

The site creates an image of a bright indoor space to smoke. It’s full of a floral smell thanks to all of the flowers and petals sprinkled among the products. The colors of the table and walls are bright and distinct. It’s a very cool image.

You can roll up to this space with your Rose Buds and Flowers Tote bag wearing The Dutch Tulips and Cannabis leggings bringing weed in your PURA LUSH Limited Edition Stash Box in Rose Gold & White. I like that.

The ash trays are pretty. The design is basic, but nothing about it is tacky. The glossy finish is nice, and it doesn’t look like the decal could flake off. All of the trays feature the same “signature” mandala design, just in different colors.

The site has a few tea cup and saucer sets. I would buy one of these for myself to have at my desk. I love how pretty the designs are. The pink tea cup with the gold elements is my favorite. I like having precious things. I’m glad that this is still a functional item. It’s not specifically paraphernalia, which is great. It expands the product line into ‘lifestyle’ type products, where you can reflect your pot enthusiasm into other products in your life.

It looks like a lot of the Stash Boxes are created to be “Limited Edition”. I totally dig that as a consumer. I want to find something special. One downside of going to a local smoke shop is that you are going to end up with a piece everyone else has. On this site, you can get something that you know is only owned by a few people.

The price points still feel a little artificial, but I don’t mind it for the kinds of products they sell. Ashtrays and stash boxes make great gifts. They are also a one time purchase (if you don’t break it). If these products are right for your paraphernalia set, the price isn’t a complete deal-breaker.

The stash boxes look like they could comfortably fit about 7g, but that’s just a guess. The pictures on the website are so Instagram that they feature a few nugs just draped across the mandala design in a pretty way. It would be nice to hear “what it do”, per se. If I’m spending that much on a stash box, I want dimensions and weed-storage-amount estimates.

There are a few non-paraphernalia items that I am glad they included in their product line. These leggings are great! When I was working at the head shop there were many requests for weed leaf leggings. These tulip leggings are a great compromise between the obvious pot leaves and feminine floral elements. I personally wouldn’t be able to sell these leggings to those same women for $75, their budget is usually more like $25. The problem with this product is that FashionablyHigh has no precedent for leggings. If they said they were made by a well-known expensive legging brand I would believe the price. Showing me a mock up of the design in whatever legging generator they used does not spark confidence.


The site is a bit malnourished. It pales in comparison to the brand’s completely buffed up social media presence. With only 30 products, each description should be made with tender loving care. However, there are products that I wouldn’t buy without a better description. Most products don’t have a description at all. It’s very inconsistent. The limited edition items are all described with flair. Some of the newer items like the Tea Cup and Saucer Set are described beautifully. But then we get “Fade resistant , microwave and dishwasher safe too.” as a description for this mug.

This product page is for a “Gift Set of 3”. The description is literally “Glass Garden Collection Gift Set 3”. It takes some poking around the pictures to see that the items are a bong, stash jar, and ash tray. No picture features all three. Another important thing that isn’t pictured is a downstem for that bong. It looks like a 9mm, which is very hard to find. The full gift set comes to $175. I have a bong similar to the one pictured that I bought for $60. The ash trays are valued at $35 and the stash boxes are $40. Together, that only comes to $135. Bong prices vary, but I wouldn’t pay an extra $40 for mine. The pictured stash box and ash tray are their “Signature” color, so it’s not limited edition or distinct to this gift set in any way. There is no other way to buy the bong, though. I want to hear the story behind it! Did they commission a local artist? Did they get a limited run from a local glassblower? Tell me! Because if you don’t, I’m going to assume this is imported.

The limited edition products have small descriptions. I was happy to find out that the stash boxes are air tight because of a seal on the inner rim. I hadn’t been able to notice that from any of the other product pictures or lack-of-descriptions. Having an air-tight container is much better for your weed. Without that product description, the boxes look like cookie jars where the lid just rests on top.

The site has three tabs: “Shop”, “Contact”, and “Newsletter”. The most information you can find about the site will be in the “Contact” page, where it says “Now find Products in over 30 STORES across CANADA and the US”. First of all, good for them. But second of all, I’m never going to “find” those stores. It’s funny that they phrased it that way. I am blessed that the page featured a dongle that said “join the affiliate program”. There’s no other mention on the site. Usually affiliate programs are indicated in the footer of a website.

The Newsletter section is just a form to fill out. I would love an example of what the newsletter contains. The site has such beautiful photography and social media, I’m sure they could afford to optimize their website. Maybe their newsletter has awesome content, I wouldn’t know.


Overall, I’m really happy with this site. Tons of head shops and boutiques could take a page out of their book. Their social media presence is impeccable. They create such an ambiance that you’re sold on the idea of precious tea cups and mandala inscribed stash boxes. The beautiful photography really creates a sense of reverence for weed.

I like this small, boutique style of store. I like thinking that the money I spend on these kinds of things goes directly into the pockets of an artist and marketer, not a big brand. I hope that they’re actually working with local artists for their glass, and that they maintain their boutique-style sensibility as they grow.

The website may be a bit clunky, but that’s to be expected for sites that aren’t hiring big name professionals to come in and polish their brand. It feels genuine. I want to see them pour more effort into the descriptions, but that’s not a huge deal. seems great. Please let me know if you have any individual feedback about your experiences with the site!

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