Review: SnickerDoobie Black Cherry Punch Pre-Roll

UPDATE 05/17/2019: I got the heritage wrong on this! Black Cherry Punch by Fifty-Fold is Black Cherry Pie and Purple Punch.

The day I got this pre-roll I was absolutely high on endorphins. I had just left a pole dancing class. Spinning around for an hour had left me giddy and talkative. The class is close to my favorite weed shop, so I stopped by. I’m familiar with the budtenders enough to both ask for their recommendations and talk their ears off. I miss being around more people with things to say about weed. They have such good product knowledge at Fweedom. They have something helpful to say for every section of the store.

Earlier in the week I pulled out $20 while I was at the grocery store. The week before I had dropped a bunch of money on a few eighths, so I figured I would keep it light. I also wanted to focus on pre-rolls. They can be so handy. My back stock of weed was in the form of big leafy nugs, and I’m starting to get annoyed with trying to keep my strains straight between all of my herb grinders. I don’t need to ask myself for extra brain power when I’m smoking. I need big obvious distinctions between strains. Having weed in little pre-formed tubes is perfect. I especially love it when pre-rolls are infused!

Choosing this pre-roll was easy. I put my fate in the hands of budtenders. People act like this stuff is entry level stoner work, but most people are passionate cannabis advocates and great salespeople. When they know what they’re talking about, you’re just going to get better weed. When I was working at a pot shop, we would get all kinds of samples. That isn’t just about finding the best, but setting price points for lower quality products. Always smoke good weed. You can always cheap out but the best chance you have at getting a good price and quality is by asking the people that know the stock.

When I heard that they had this in stock I was all about it. They went over a short list of things they thought I would enjoy, and I stopped them in their tracks when they mentioned Black Cherry Punch. I don’t remember what it’s made out of, what the effects were, or anything about the brand it came from. However, I do know that I have enough of a positive association with the strain to call it out by name.

I think the last time I tried Black Cherry Punch was at least a year and a half ago. Have a Heart in Fremont had a lot of fun pre-rolls at the time that I was experimenting with. I usually don’t go for indicas, but I always have good experiences with strains that taste fruity.

Black Cherry Punch is made of Black Cherry Pie and Purple Punch.

Black Cherry Pie is made of Blackberry Kush and Cherry Pie.

Blackberry Kush is crazy sedative. I have gravitated towards Blackberry Kush before, usually because I mistake it for a relative of Blueberry strains. Blackberry is much more powerful. It has a pungent diesel and, surprise, berry flavors. Berry flavors tend to sit well with me. It’s an indica profile that is mellow and comforting. Blackberry brings that up a notch and is fully sedative.

Cherry Pie is super tangy! It is been bred into many fun strains like Pie Face and Pie Hoe. It’s made of Granddaddy Purple and Durban Poison. Granddaddy Purple is a strain I choose when I have full-on insomnia. It brings me right to sleep. Durban Poison is much more on the sativa end of the effects spectrum. It is more of a happy, creative strain. Both of these strains together create a sort of happy, relaxed hybrid.

Purple Punch is Larry OG and Granddaddy Purple. It is an indica dominant berry strain. Most people would describe the flavor as ‘purple’. It’s a kind of sweet purple berry flavor.

Larry OG is a hybrid in the general OG family. It’s made of two different OG strains: OG Kush and SFV OG Kush. It is meant to be happy, energetic, and euphoric. There are also many notes about how effective it is for pain relief.

Black Cherry Punch is called a fruity and well-balanced hybrid. Both of its parent strains have very tasty flavors. Together they create a sort of berry and plum flavor. I really enjoyed this smoke because it didn’t have any super skunky or chemical flavors. I expect those flavors from most strains. The pre-roll is infused, maybe that makes the smoke easier.

This strain is solidly in the indica category. To be clear, I really enjoy how stoned this made me feel. From the first draw, it feels like the smoke went straight to my head. It is a powerful trickling pleasure sensation inside my head. The feeling roots up from the nape of my neck through my scalp. I felt very comfortable and warm.

Black Cherry Punch completely knocked me out. It didn’t feel like I was fatigued and groggy. Everything just felt comfortable to the point I had to lie down and appreciate the softness. I turned on a podcast and took off my glasses. It was a beautiful, beautiful nap.

That was the best nap I’ve had in so long! I have had bad insomnia. Waking up in the middle of the night has been hard on my general energy levels. Some indicas are perfect for sleeping. I don’t go out of my way to choose them. When I’m at a pot store, I tend to gravitate towards the happy, energy, fun strains! I do need the symptom relief at either end of the indica-sativa spectrum. It was very helpful. I’m so glad that the budtenders at Fweedom recommended this strain.

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