Review FashionablyHigh.Ca


I love looking for new stores. Appreciating cannabis includes methodically buying your paraphernalia. I explore Instagram all the time for different brands that are trying to get out there. There are so many stores, and they are so disconnected! That was one of the main intents of this blog. I want to bring together cannabis … Continue reading Review:

Review: SnickerDoobie Black Cherry Punch Pre-Roll

UPDATE 05/17/2019: I got the heritage wrong on this! Black Cherry Punch by Fifty-Fold is Black Cherry Pie and Purple Punch. The day I got this pre-roll I was absolutely high on endorphins. I had just left a pole dancing class. Spinning around for an hour had left me giddy and talkative. The class is … Continue reading Review: SnickerDoobie Black Cherry Punch Pre-Roll

Review: Paris OG by Paris Cannabis

I'm so surprised I've never heard of Paris OG before. It looks like a name that would stick out to me on a menu. It sounds fancy. Even the branding on this strain is cool: a black bag with striking yellow accents and a big picture of the Eiffel Tower. This brand stays true to … Continue reading Review: Paris OG by Paris Cannabis

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Review : Smokey Headz

Today we are going to go through the process of learning that we are not going to use a head shop, its affiliate program, or endorse them in any way. Writing this has been a journey. I am so shocked at the conclusion, but I'm going to let you go through my first impressions of … Continue reading Review : Smokey Headz