Leaving the Cannabis Industry! Here’s What I Learned

Wow! I’m already here. I’m getting the heck out of my job.

I’ve turned in my two weeks and I’ve been sitting through the last few shifts. I definitely have some graduation goggles about this place.

One of the glass displays

For one, this has been the slowest job I’ve ever had. This has been a challenge because my major goal over the last few years has been being able to spend time with myself. I’ve learned so much about spending my time ‘wisely’ and being able to regulate my emotions without more cannabis. The shifts have only been 5 hours, but I couldn’t stay still and wait for that long before this job. There have been a handful of days where I was asked to work doubles! 10 hours a day were absolutely heinous. I’m very proud that I have learned to make it through those challenging days.

I have my whole kit on me; my breakfast and a backpack full of activities. I have a lovely breakfast from a coffee shop. It helps to have coffee in the morning to get me through the day. I’m very particular about food and having a nice breakfast sandwich motivates me to actually eat anything for breakfast. Even though this isn’t a high paying job, it’s been worthwhile to feed myself while I get through the shifts. I also have my full backpack. On any given day I have four notebooks and a laptop in there. The notebooks are a planner, a notebook, a drawing pad, and a backup notebook. I have a terrible memory for my own schedule. I keep up (just barely) by keeping an planner and my Google Calendar up to date. I keep a drawing notebook because I’ve been drawing and cartooning for years. It feels great to create something out of nothing. I think cartoons are so expressive and fun. I mostly draw weird, glamorous faces and little jokes. The last two notebooks are for journaling. It has been very helpful to keep track of my thoughts and feelings on paper. I’ve recommended it to other people as a way to gain perspective on yourself when you reflect on earlier entries. My backpack also has my laptop. Computers can be a huge time waster for me. I get very absorbed in activities that aren’t particularly productive. That’s why I had to create opportunity for myself so I could spend my time in a way that didn’t feel wasteful.

My lady-themed laptop stickers. I love you Velvet Swing.

That’s the main reason I created the blog. I know that it’s just starting out and it doesn’t need to big deal, but I’ve had a great time constructing the articles. I spend a lot of time at my job recommending products to people. Having a record of my knowledge about things like vape pens and consumption methods feels good. I earned a Medical Marijuana Consultant Certificate through work. That means that I went through a college course that was basically Cannabis 202. Shops are required to have consultants on staff for certain legal privileges when it comes to medical certifications. I didn’t need this in the least; I was sequestered to the glass shop.

That’s a big thing about moving on from this job. Lack of mobility. I was promised budtender training very early on in this job, early last year. Even with a Medical Marijuana Consultant Certificate, I never received the training. I’ve also interviewed for a handful of other shops where I wasn’t hired to do budtending. It’s a real bummer because I care about strain profiles and how they change the experience of cannabis. The interviews go great, but I never get a call back. Massive bummer.

I’ve learned a lot about glass by curating this blog. I’ve written an article about once a week since August 2018. I’m working on improving the content in general. I’ve been learning a lot through the process. About blogging and about glass. Creating these articles has taken a lot of research. I want to be able to have solid content that’s helpful. I have a spreadsheet of all of the glass artists I can find. I’m going to polish and upload that soon. There are so many wonderful glass artists and no good social network for them. The stigma against cannabis creates a tricky situation for glassblowers. The fringe legality of smoking pieces was called into question many times during the early years of the War on Drugs. Many retailers have stories of being raided in their early days.

I’ve flexed a lot of professional skills at this job. I have experience in business, leadership, compliance, event planning, and some other related skills. I had the opportunity to plan a drag show for the shop’s 420 Event. I hired a lot of local queens like Bosco, Americano, and One. It was such a great show. I wasn’t in charge of planning the day, so unfortunately it wasn’t well attended. But that day was amazing. Drag queens smoking weed openly in the parking lot while doing cannabis themed sets. I would love to see more shows like that. It felt really good to have a plan come through. I’m so glad people were able to enjoy the show.

The job has been disempowering in a lot of ways too. I haven’t been treated like a professional by cannabis higher-ups. I don’t have the work experience for their jobs, but it’s pretty silly that they see people at such different levels. My friend got a job in the industry the same time I did. He is very effervescent and kind of like Mickey Mouse. He’s very likeable, I’m rather shy. He has had a completely different experience because of his likeable nature and because he was hired on as a manager. Hearing about his experiences has taught me a lot about the industry. Not having my own ego attached to those experiences allows me to have a critical perspective. There is so much to say about the elitism in the industry. It’s pretty unfortunate and needs to be discussed. I hope to see more community interest in this issue, especially for the sake of minority cannabis industry people. The disparity in wages and treatment is silly for a new industry that could be formed into a very just system.

I’m moving on to a job with dogs. I will continue to upload content to this blog. I hope that I continue to learn about the industry so I can provide some interesting insights.

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