Cannabis Gifts for Your Stoner Valentine

I’ll try to make this article more than an advertisement for Velvet Swing. What we’re getting at today is gifts for Valentine’s Day.

Even when I’m single, I love Valentine’s Day. Stores are always full of happy, romantic gifts and decorations. It is almost a month to the day ahead of my birthday. My birthday party this year was amazing. It was kind of Valentine’s Day themed because I bought pink and black banners and hung up pink, black, and heart-shaped balloons. I’m so glad my birthday doesn’t fall near a holiday like Halloween where the decorations usually aren’t as joyful. I try to make my birthday as joyful as I can. I fill it with lovely things that I like about life. That’s why my birthday party had everyone I enjoy, lots of weed, and good food. Hosting is so fun and stressful, but everything went off without a hitch. Not that smoking, chatting, and eating birthday cupcakes was particularly challenging. I’m just happy everyone had a good time. I like flexing my ability to take care of people and get a party started.

I’m really looking forward to Valentine’s Day this year! I have very cute gifts planned for my sweetie. We’re both weedy (one of us more than the other) and that came to mind when buying gifts. I think it’s so romantic to smoke together. Sharing a feeling is such a bonding experience. I think that the process of preparing and loading a bowl before smoking is somewhat ritualistic. Shotgunning smoke into someone’s mouth is also a very fun activity.

Velvet Swing is absolutely amazing because it delivers exactly what it promises. With 100mg of THC and 30mg of CBD, this topical creates crazy sensations when applied orally, anally, or vaginally. What a fun consumption method!

The medical properties of THC and CBD are totally present in this product. The THC provides enhanced sensations and the CBD can decrease pain and inflammation to the area. Medically this is awesome. People suffer from pelvic inflammation and pain all the time. It is a very hard thing to get treatment or relief for, especially with the way women are treated at doctor’s offices.

If you’re using Velvet Swing, please make sure everyone knows that there is drugs in the lube. It would be a very confusing situation to start having weed feelings without knowing where they came from. Also, not consensual! Play nice.

Another great option for Valentine’s Day is chocolate. Clearly we have to go with infused chocolate. I always thought it would be such a cute idea to fill a Valentine’s Day chocolate heart with edibles. Of course, the most consensual way to go about this is to keep the original packaging with the bonbons or having all of them be consistently 10mg (the standard size of edibles in Washington state). It’s no fun getting into drugs you don’t understand.

I love the cute weed puns that artists have put on cards, rolling trays, and jars on Etsy. My Etsy budget gets crazy sometimes. There are so many cute greeting cards with great art from independent artists. My favorite was this “High With Me” card.

This rolling tray is gorgeous. I love the idea of having a really well made wood rolling tray. This looks like something I would be very happy to find at a Goodwill. I’ve found a handful of very pretty rolling trays there made of ceramic, wood, and metal. I’ve never found one so perfect for rolling, though. I love the heart shape and that it has an engraved marijuana leaf. It even includes the red paper holder to the left.

This year (so far) in cannabis (for me) has been totally difficult. My sit-down-and-wait job has had hours cut, more stress from my boss, and impending personnel cuts (just me). Celebrating holidays with cannabis is totally redeeming. Being positive about cannabis use is super important for users. Feeling comforted and taken care of instead of shady is good for your mental health. Getting cannabis gifts is a great way to say that you’re supportive of its’ use. It’s crazy to think that so many people have go without when there are so many people living with chronic disorders, pain, and unhappiness. I’m privileged to be able to exercise a right to cannabis as a form of treatment, but strict laws still prevent it from helping everyone it could. This year my goal is to get another job and make progress in the industry. I might have to drop some industry goals just to get ahead in life, but I hope there is always a place for cannabis.

Just for some added Valentine’s Day pizazz, here’s some hemp rope from a lovely place called Twisted Monk. Hemp is the inert form of cannabis that isn’t encouraged to produce THC or CBD. This is a stretch, but there are total stoner points in getting hemp rope. Rope in general is a very fun Valentine’s Day gift. Did you know how expensive just rope is? It’s such a treat.

And there’s more to cannabis art than Bart Simpson smoking a joint or Bob Marley praising Jah. Buying art from independent artists is a very helpful thing to do. The money goes to a good place, and more art can be created. I really enjoyed this piece that uses real flowers in place of cannabis flower.

How to roll up your sadness

I hope you all enjoy this upcoming holiday. I know it’s been a stressful time for me but I hope it’s been better for ya’ll. I’m looking forward to the escapism of thoroughly celebrating this Valentine’s Day.

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