January New Cannabis Strains: Tropicana Cookies, Sour Strawberry, and more!

It’s been a while since I’ve written about new strains! Winter has been such an “off” season. The holidays were nice but it feels like everything has been shuttered for weeks! I’ve been going to the pot store, picking up sample sizes of new strains, and nesting at home. The patio has been slightly winterized, and I get to spend a lot of time out there. I go through about a gram a day, so having gram samples is perfect. The day is dedicated to the mood the gram gives me.

I recently was able to redecorate my smoking patio. It’s absolutely freezing out, and Seattle has been experiencing near-nonstop rain. I made a sanctuary for myself out of Craigslist furniture and my collection of glass pieces. One thing I do to kill time is look for things online. I was sick of my old patio set, so I was so happy to find this new ceramic one. It has a beautiful multi-colored top with tile designs. The guy selling them tried to pawn off two other tables that were identical, and I almost would have gone with it if it wasn’t for the money. I want to make a larger patio space in the back yard area of my apartment. What you’re seeing in the picture to the right is a minor marvel of stoner engineering. I insulated the area with two layers of rattan-looking railing covers that sandwich a layer of cardboard. This makes the area near my feet and legs about 20 degrees warmer. This is really relevant on days I can’t sleep and have to smoke at night. I’m working on filling out the patio with storage options and plants. The garden I had during the summer died off with the first frost.

Tropicana Cookies

Cookies strains continue to be popular. This strain is a no-brainer. It’s made of two majorly popular strains, Tangie and Forum Girl Scout Cookies. Forum Cut means that the strain was from the original cross breed of Girl Scout Cookies, Durban Poison and an OG Kush phenotype. Over time, Girl Scout Cookies has been bred by many different people and crossed over and over again. Being a clone of the original plant may make it seem different from the GSC that is sold in stores today. You might also hear about Thin Mint GSC, which is another original phenotype. The past of GSC is going to be hard to track. Forum GSC and Thin Mint GSC may be from different original growers who crossed Cherry Kush, OG Kush, and Durban Poison. Not all renditions of GSC have Cherry Kush, but that is said to be the first creation.

What can you expect from this strain? I haven’t seen a version of Tropicana Cookies made by a high end producer other than Liberty Reach. I was looking forward to trying this strain because I had only ever seen the strain that was approximately the quality of nice trim. Liberty Reach’s version had thick nugs with large, frosty buds. It grinds up slightly more purple than green, with noticeable orange hairs. Most people enjoy Tangie’s smell profile, which will give you tangerine and orange flavors from the original packaging to the aftertaste. Tropicana Cookies didn’t ring in as orangey as its’ predecessor, instead having an earthy feel from the GSC. The smoke is still tasty and Liberty Reach grows a good plant.

Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams is California Big Bud Skunk and K.C. 606. The self-reports on Leafly show that Sweet Dreams creates some great dreamy, euphoric, buzzy feelings. It has a berry and chemical smell, which can be an indicator of a strong strain (for how these terpenes affect me). Big Bud is a solid indica, with true-to-form big buds. It isn’t a landrace strain but it has a long history of surviving the War On Drugs. K.C. 606 is clearly something from KC Brains Seeds, a company in Holland. I looked into the strain and found that it probably has Afghani Haze and Ukrainian origins. It is said to be euphoric and relaxing. Mixing some good standard indica genetics with the more interesting high of this weird K.C. 606 strain seems to make for a very powerful high.

Sour Strawberry

I always keep an eye out for strawberry strains. I love Strawberry Cough, and it doesn’t have very clear genetics. The only way to find related strains is to either make assumptions based on the strain name or finding something directly bred with Strawberry Cough. Sour Strawberry is a mix of a few different strains; Sour Bubble with Strawberry Cough, Razz, and East Coast Sour Diesel.  I’d really like to try this strain. Sour Bubble seems like a very interesting combination for Strawberry Cough. It’s indicated as an indica. The reported qualities of the strain are very medically oriented, with things like insomnia and pain being effectively dealt with. This doesn’t seem to be widely available in Seattle, I hope it becomes more popular. Strawberry strains are nice in summer, maybe it’ll perk up then.

Banana Bread

I adore a strain named after something cute or tasty. It’s a cross between Vietnamese Black and Purple Kush. It doesn’t seem to be related to any of the “Banana” strains like Strawberry Banana or Banana Kush. Vietnamese Black is a heavy hitting strain that is great for cerebral, mood lifting effects. I like a sativa that focuses on those areas. Purple Kush focuses more on the relaxation side of mood lifting effects. It’s strange to see a mix that is so 50/50 sativa/indica. Vietnamese Black is very sativa and Purple Kush is very indica. Making Banana Bread out of it must have taken a lot of thought. Banana Bread seems to achieve a feeling that brings in the best points of sativas and indicas. I’m looking forward to seeing this strain in stores.

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