Review: Mile High Glass

Mile High Glass is a huge online head shop! They are chock full of pipes that I haven’t seen anywhere else. They even supply a few stores around Seattle with their glass. 

Mile High Glass was born out of “Operation Pipe Dream”. It was a sting put on the the DEA to shut down online head shops. The shop was started in August 2003 as a very small operation out of the two founders’ apartment. It started as “tobacco-use only” and now they are the biggest head shop online. 

Mile High has a very unique pieces. They work with the same manufacturers that they worked with at the beginning of their business. They’ve clearly grown since then, but I bet that a lot of the manufacturers have such a strong relationship with the site that they exclusively work for them. 

This octopus silicone banger hanger is a completely new style to me. I haven’t seen novelty elements added as a neck piece before. I like that they chose black for this. The rest of the site is very colorful, but it would have been overwhelming for this octopus. 

The site has a few plastic bongs. I really can’t recommend buying a “Pyrex” piece. These are only appropriate for people who want something “disposable”, and that’s a questionable justification anyways. Plastic (other than medical grade silicone, which is why we use it) is a bad material to make bongs out of. If you see any, please avoid them.

The bowl can never be made out of plastic, but the main bodies of some bongs are still plastic. This is hazardous because any heat on the plastic will release noxious chemicals which you will most definitely inhale. Having the body be plastic seems fine to manufacturers, but consumers are very likely to get heat close enough to the body to make this chemical reaction happen. 

I almost take issue with how many bongs they have that look like this. They say they have used the same manufacturer since the beginning of their business, and this individual producer gets a lot of air time on this site.  

I think the pulled glass shapes and millie beads aesthetic is beautiful. I can’t tell if it is an advantage or a disadvantage to have so many bongs that look similar.

One other issue is how much of the site is sold out. They keep those postings on the site way too long. I love that they list unique pieces but having pages and pages of moot posts is frustrating as a customer. 

 How do you even make a piece that has crystal on it?? This sherlock style pipe is something I’ve never seen before. The smoky quartz crystal on the outside is very appealing. I know a lot of people who are heavily subscribed to the crystal aesthetic; this pipe would suit them well. 

Overall, Mile High Glass does it right. Their store is well run and features tons of unique pieces. It seems to have reliable service for its’ customers and has a relatively professional website. Buying from Mile High Glass would be a safe bet. 

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