Review: Brothers With Glass Head Shop

Brothers With Glass is an online headshop. The founders are Jake and Jesse, real brothers, but it is now run by Jake. The business is still family run, and features glass from the United States. Creating a demand for American-made glass supports countless glass artists and demotivates mass-made manufactured glass. The site also features imported glass, but they say they are the “only online headshop to label the country of origin”. The boast secure and discreet packaging with trustworthy customer service.

The site features over 80 different glass creators. The company prioritizes in-house quality testing and the customer experience. Their most popular brands are Chameleon Glass, C2 Custom Creations, and Liberty 503.

The store started in 2010 with an online site. Brothers With Glass has a shop in the greater Portland area for distribution, but it isn’t a retail location. 

The site features bongs, dab rigs, hand pipes, smoking accessories, and vaporizers. I like how the site is organized. Users can search by artist or brand fairly easily. The categories are organized very methodically. The site is expanding into vaporizers, but doesn’t have a particularly filled out section for it yet. There are only a few options, probably not the best choice for online vape shopping. 

The site’s strongest point is its’ fancier dab rigs and bongs. There are filled out heady sections of the site with a good variety of artists represented. There are many interesting pieces in their regular sections, but their heady and themed glass pieces are really fun. Brothers With Glass define heady pieces as “something that required significant prep work and features complicated glass blowing techniques”. Heady pieces are generally over about $200 for a small piece, so it is great to see the site feature pieces that go on sale for as low as $100. There is also the category of “themed” pieces that is very well fleshed out. These pieces, which are about $100-$400, feature glass that might be modeled off of a particular shape, object, or theme. 

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