Try These New Cannabis #Croptober Strains Only Found in Washington

#CROPTOBER is almost over and Washington cannabis consumers are about to reap the benefits! Croptober represents the season where sun-grown cannabis is harvested. If outdoor is your thing, getting freshly grown flower from these newly cultivated strains is practically a holiday. It’s always nice to have a fresh bowl of weed. People learn to identify fresh weed; it’s stickier, wetter, and less yellow. These strains are a great opportunity to taste fresh, outdoor grown weed that has new and interesting flavor profiles and highs.

Sour Tangie

Tangie is one of the terpiest strains I’ve heard of. One of my friends swears by it. With the cannabis community leaning towards terpenes as a metric of quality, Sour Tangie is really hitting the spot. Adding Sour Diesel to Tangie genetics gives sharper notes than the usual Tangie soft marmalade taste.

Image result for sour tangie strain

Sour Lemon OG 

Sour Lemon OG continues a recent trend in strains. There are many lemon, crisp, diesel smelling strains on the market right now. Lemon OG is very popular right now. This strain boasts a body and mind elevating effects. One of its parents, California Sour, is a cross between two lemon strains Lemon Diesel and Sour Lemon OG. This backbreeds the genetics of Sour Lemon OG back into the plant, making those qualities more prominent in the smoke.


Tesla Tower

The Tesla Tower is a zippy, high-high sativa. One of those Green Crack type strains that are all about the buzz. Lazy Bee Gardens created this with very specific strains, White Fire OG and Snowcap. It has hybrid in its background and is another lemony, OG type strain. Snowcap adds a haze effect to an otherwise cerebral and focused high.


Grandma Anderson’s Cookies

Grandma Anderson’s Cookies came in runner up for best sun grown indica. The cookie type terpenes are true to form and almost smells like cookie dough. It has deep purple leaves and very frosty buds.


Barney Rubble

Liberty Reach has created a strain that is bursting with fruity flavors from its Orange Cookies and Fruity Pebbles OG background. People note a mango aroma that is covered with bright smelling orange trichomes.  Barney Rubble leans sativa has creates a functional, daytime high. The citrus notes create a good cerebral effect without being hazy.

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