15+ Adorable Pink Smoking Accessories

Like tattoos, paraphernalia has evolved with the times. Paraphernalia used to be entirely underground and MUCH less cute than it is today.

I used to not care about my smoking kit. When I started smoking, I was very anxious about buying anything smoking related. After smoking for a while, I wanted to get my own piece. I had been using my roommate’s darling little bubbler for almost a year, and she deserved to get it back. I was still anxious, but it was a necessary step. It was difficult to find things, I was in a small town at the time and didn’t consider online ordering. I had the hardest time finding pieces that I liked. I ended up with another inherited bong that wasn’t really my style. it was a black and gold flecked large glass piece. It was beautiful, but didn’t really feel like mine. What I did to compensate was having accessories that felt more like mine. It really makes a big difference in smoking sessions to hold and use things that you enjoy. Eventually I had developed a full kit of accessories to use.

Here is a collection of pink accessories that I have found. I have not personally reviewed these products, but I have chosen them based on my own expertise and would recommend taking a chance on them. I only use sources that I trust.

Another option that I recommend is vintage shops. Ash trays, rolling trays, and various pokers and such are easy to find at flea markets and vintage shops. It really adds a flair to your smoking kit and is 100% unique.

Padded Zippered 5 Inch Pipe Case Pink, $7.95
Realization Glass Worked Three Dot 14mm Slide – Pretty Pink, $17.95
2.5 In Chromium Crusher Grinder – Pink, $21.49
18mm Faceted Glass Slide, $9.95
Wide Mouth Glass Vial – 23 x 50mm – Pink, $0.80
Highly Educated Pink Titanium Dabber, $15
HempLights The Wrapper Hemp Dispenser Pink, $5.95
SharpStone 2.2″ Glass Top 4 Stage Grinder Pink
Cheech 14mm Color Bowl, $12.50
Translucent Pink Medtainer, $15
Anti Schwag Schwag Club Medtainer, $15
Solid Pink Medtainer, $15
DankGals Mushroom Carb Cap, $25
DankGals Check Mate Carb Cap, $19.99
Pink Smokebuddy Jr, $15
Girly Herb Grinder, $20.99
Sailor Moon Inspired Herb Grinder, $20.99

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