10+ Autumn Strains to Fall in Love With

Sometimes we forget weed is a plant. It takes a lot of time and knowledge to create a new strain. They work with the genetics to find the best qualities. We can trace information about strains back generations and see what they’re made of. I’m writing profiles for the strains that have been released recently. This first post may be a bit dated, but by the next one I will be able to tell which ones are really new-new.

Lemonchello 28

Lemonchello 28 is a cross between The Original Lemonade and Cherry Pie. Cherry Pie is a great tangy strain that originated in southern California. I have heard that the original Cherry Pie strain isn’t accessible any more because the owner wanted to keep it sacred. That’s why Cherry Pie strains vary so much. Both of the crossed strains are fruity and mellow. This is a hybrid strain with focus on energy. It is probably named after Limoncello, an Italian lemon alcohol drink.

The Lime

The Lime is another cross of “The Original Lemonnade” strain. It has been bred with Cactus Cooler, which is made of Blue Dream and OG Kush. Blue Dream and OG Kush are fundamental strains that kind of represent larger families of genetics. They are used for breeding new strains a lot. I see why they chose Cactus Cooler to cross with The Original Lemmonnade. It creates a lovely sweet citrus flavor with sharp notes of lime.

The Original Lemonnade

It was hard to find information about this strain. Leafly didn’t have a filled out entry for it. What I did find was Have a Heart reporting on the strain’s release on June 7th, 2018. From what I can glean from social media posts, The Original Lemonade is from Exotikz Genetics. This producer is known for high end boutique strains like “The Real Wedding Cake”. The strain “The Original Lemonnade” is clearly another strain they had to change the name of to distinguish their own work. I’ve tried their Lemonade strain before, it wasn’t my favorite. It had balmy hazy qualities and tasted buttery with an undertone of lemon. It was tasty, but didn’t have very strong effects in any particular way. I might have seen more of the effects if I had more than a gram, but I was never motivated to pick up a second.

Crockett’s Haze

This strain is a cross between Haze and “The Ranger”. The Ranger is a mostly unknown strain with Mexican lineage. Haze is a wonderful part of the sativa family that creates a slightly confused, fuzzy feeling. It also has the sativa qualities of being buzzy and energizing.


Cherry Vanilla Cookies

This strain doesn’t distinctly have Cherry Pie or another cherry strain in its lineage. It actually gets its distinct cherry-vanilla smell from Platinum Girl Scout Cookies and Ms. Universe, which is a Space Queen derived strain. Space Queen has many aromatic qualities that range from vanilla to sweet pineapple. Mixing this with the more sour Platinum Girl Scout Cookies makes this strain a wonderful blend of euphoric and stress relieving qualities.

Where’s My Bike

I had the opportunity to try this strain from Landrace Farms. They are an excellent producer. They came into my pot shop and did a whole presentation. I’ve also met them at parties and they are a good time. Where’s My Bike is a cross between Amnesia and Biker Kush that really packs a punch. It is a good balanced hybrid with mood leveling qualities from its sativa and indica parents. Landrace Labs makes this in a cartridge, which has really thick and clear oil. Amnesia OG was originally named “Where’s My Bike”.


Lemon Banana Sherbet

This is a sativa-dominant hybrid. You can expect any lemony strain to have limolene, a terpene that helps depression, in it. One of its’ parents, Sour Banana Sherbet, has strong diesel and fruit flavors that bring together the Lemon Banana Sherbet smell. It seems to have a more relaxed, happy kind of effect.


OGKB, short for OG Kush Breath, is a heavy indica dominant strain. It has lineage in Girl Scout Cookie, which came from OG Kush and Durban Poison. You can expect this strain to take on the uplifting nature of Durban poison while having the sedating, stress relieving effects of OG Kush.

Orange Snow Cone

Snow Cone strains seem to be a new popular thing. I’ve seen Strawberry, Blue Raspberry, and Blackberry Snow Cone. Orange Snow Cone is the rendition that is most available in the Seattle area, so this is about their properties. With Agent Orange, the strain takes on a powerful citrus smell and very uplifting and energizing effects.

Gelato #33

Gelato #33 Comes from Sunset Sherbert and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookie. The #33 refers to the plant chosen to breed out of a batch of Gelato plants. The #33 also has people referring to this strain as “Larry Bird”, because that was the basketball player’s jersey number.

Karma OG

Karma Genetics produced this version of OG. They call it “my personal baby”. It’s kind of like a director’s cut for that producer. They were able to create this strain exactly how they wanted to, cradle to grave. It is made of mostly California strains. They bred Lucifer OG, then Biker Kush from that, then Bear OG from that. The way Bear OG is being produced and bred now is called Karmas OG (Bear OG f4).


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