Review: Colorful Elf Autodraw Conceal Discreet Vape

By the time I bought this vape, I had been lusting after it for the better part of a year. My excuses ranged from being out of the right color (pink) or not wanting to buy a vape when I get them through work for free. A few weeks ago I gave in and bought one. It was when I was writing the “Where to Find Great Vapes” article. I have looked at hundreds of vapes and reviewed their features. Personally, I only had really basic looking pens that weren’t beautiful or technologically advanced. I evolved my vape collection by buying a ELF Auto-Draw Vape from Honeystick. It was important for me to get a tiny pink one. Opening the package from Honeystick and seeing it was incredibly satisfying, it’s perfect.

IMG_20180926_151317 (1)

I love the construction of this vape! I can tell that the components and assembly will last a while. The outside of the vape is a matte bright pink with black sections. It is a strong enough material to survive the last few drops I’ve put it through without tarnishing. The “ELF” logo on the bottom right of the vape is a very attractive addition that distinguishes it from no-name generic vapes. There are no obnoxious features like air flow adjusters or temperature gauges. From the outside the only visible components are the charging port, the air flow holes, and a slot where the cartridge peek-a-boos through.

It comes in a well-designed plastic container. I love the aesthetics of Honeystick. They made the ELF product look distinct from their honey-branded items and everything is very sleek. The package also contains the smallest USB-A cord I’ve ever seen. It must be 3 inches long. It also comes with the vape itself and the magnetic screw-on attachment that is put on cartridges to set them in the battery.

The ELF is so tiny! It is a very discreet vape.The battery fits in my hand easily and doesn’t need an awkward grip. This shape is called a “discreet” vape. It is easy to bring out into the open without feeling like people will side eye you. When you put a discreet vape to your mouth, it almost looks like you might be coughing. If you can be suave about exhaling a big strong cloud of concentrate, you’re golden.

The body of the vape features a open slot that shows the cartridge inside. When you are auto-drawing the vape, a bright green light turns on! I love this feature. I’ve never seen it on an auto-draw vape before, and it really solves the problem of not knowing how the vape is working when in use. Thick concentrates don’t show this feature as well as thinner concentrates.

Honeystick‘s customer service has been very attentive. I’ve reached out for support before and they were very quick to respond. It was an easy system that didn’t require any information from me. I asked twice about getting the pink version of this vape and they quickly responded on their on-site messenger type system.

This is one of the vapes you should be looking at if you want a discreet vape. Honeystick is a quality brand that I trust. Their products and delivery have always been spot on. Honeystick makes many different vape models that I have yet to try, but I do know their customer service is excellent. The ELF vape has been no exception to what I know of Honeystick and has been a favorite part of my cannabis kit for a while.


The ELF Auto Draw Conceal Oil Vaporizer comes in black, white, green, blue, and pink.

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