Where To Buy the Best Bongs

Bongs are the most iconic piece of stoner paraphernalia, hands down. Bongs are preferred by many smokers because it diffuses and humidifies the smoke. You should have a connection to something that is used that much. I tell people at the bong shop that the right piece will “speak to you”. However, a lot of people wind up with a whatever piece because they never expose themselves to enough bongs to find the right one. Here are a few online retails to get you started in finding the right piece.

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AquaLabs Technology sells some great pieces. The variety they have on the site are a mix of straight beaker pieces, diffusion pieces, and pieces with intricate designs on a basic body. Their selection of heady glass is great because it has very unique pieces for under $500. This site is a great opportunity to purchase a lower price piece from a high end producer. If you spend from $150-$200 you can expect to walk away with a sturdy beaker with intricate designs. We have to have a word about the acrylic pipes though. If you clean an acrylic piece with alcohol, you will break down the composition of the acrylic and inhale particles. Degradation of the product’s quality is a concern even without alcohol exposure. Handling these pieces should be beyond cautious, I think you just shouldn’t buy them.


Brothers With Glass is a Portland area native glass shop. They have an online store as well as a brick and mortar store. The store has been able to curate many different solid brands. Their shop is so easy to navigate. Bongs can be sorted by Artist/Brand, Style, Perc, and Joint Size. The site strikes a balance between aesthetically beautiful pieces and solid basic house brands like Purr. It is a fun site to browse as well as take seriously as a place to shop.



The Dab Lab is mostly focused on dab rigs. They have a good selection of higher quality bongs. Their website is well maintained and has active social media behind it. Buying from this shop feels better than a site that feels like you’re ordering out of someone’s basement. I like how this store has so many accessories for dab pieces. Many stores that stock really great dab pieces expect you to get the supplies for your heady piece…. somewhere else. The bongs featured on their site are inconspicuously great. At first glance, most of the glass is colorless scientific glass. Looking through the catalog shows you that the pieces they chose are very high quality. Scientific glass is an important part of a serious glass collector’s set. Some people think that colorful, artistic glass is inherently more expensive than scientific glass. The Dab Lab has many different brands that show that that’s not true.

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DankStop is a big online head shop. They have many high quality pieces for sale as well as standard pieces without much detail. Their themed section is do die for. Some stores might have a heady section, but DankStop includes a Themed section that has super fun pieces for much lower than heady prices. They have a few cheap basic bongs buy there are mostly a lot of very impressive reasonably priced pieces.

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Grav Glass is a great resource for clear glass without complicated designs. Their glass is very high quality, and might be a bit of a shock to newer buyers. However, this brand has become a standard in Washington pot shops. The pieces are very well done and designed for function. The price point makes sense to add a permanent, long-lasting glass piece to your collection. Their selection is small and offers fewer pieces than a full head shop. This means you won’t run into a glass piece made by a random manufacturer and the quality is guaranteed. Their pieces are locally made in Texas. They collaborated with local artists in their state to make a small boutique section that is also worth checking out.


Mile High Glass Pipes from Denver, CO makes beautiful glass work. My personal piece and my friend’s longtime favorite bong were sourced from this supplier. His piece is one of their striped bongs. It’s a 18″ green and black piece lined with white glass. My piece is pictured on the bottom right. It is an 8″ red and millie glass bead piece with white lining.  Mile High is also available for purchasing individual pieces and many accessories. I enjoy their pieces with “millie” beads, which are rolled onto the glass of the bong. Their strength is in making the material that the bong is made of interesting. The stripes, the millie beads, and other patterns are great. The shape of their pieces is somewhat basic but I think their designs more than make up for it in the material itself.


Bongin is not where you want to go for local pieces, they’re made in the Czech Republic! Their pieces are hand blown and everything they make is original. That makes it a great source for original pieces, especially in the Premium Bong section. Bongin has many different kinds of bongs; premium, custom, percolator, honeycomb, X-bongs and many more. Their glassblowers can also customize the piece. The site says any simple picture, letters, or symbols can be added. This is more customization that is usually offered through a producer and retailer of this size.


DankGeek is a big selection of pretty standard pieces. This isn’t a heady place, and it features a lot of import glass. Don’t consider Hemper glass something to be so proud of. They also feature a house brand of glass that seems suspicious. They have a lot of brands that I associate mostly with their online branding. “My Bud Vase”, Hemper, and Leafly are all merchandise that is sold primarily through their online shops. You might find a good deal on a piece you already know you want on this site. It isn’t a very satisfying browse because they don’t have any artists or heady pieces featured.


Smokea is another copy paste site. Seriously, do these head shops not understand that we can tell when they use the exact same layouts as every other shop?

Again, I’ll have to warn you against plastic bongs. Exposing plastic to heat releases chemicals that are harmful when breathed in. The site is mostly good for its extensive selection of smoking accessories. They have products I haven’t seen sold in stores before, like an empty vape cartridge.

This page is updated frequently to include new vendors

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