Where to Buy the Best Vapes

If you’re like most customers, you haven’t been exposed to more than one or two vape brands. There is a whole world of vapes out there with different features, colors, and shapes. When you find the right vape it can make a world of difference in your consumption methods. I was really particular when it came to mine. I’ve bought probably around four or five vapes over the last few years. There is a huge difference in quality when you know how to spot it. Educating yourself and seeing the full breadth of products out there is the only way to find exactly what you want.  Here are a few producers and retailers to start educating yourself about the selection out there.


DopeBoo is a reliable online head shop. They are a good resource for education about vape products. They have a buyer’s guide for vapes and great, long descriptions of their products. They have many different shapes and sizes of vapes. This may be overwhelming to someone who is only looking for a stick battery, but might be welcome to people who are trying to learn more.


Dr. Dabber sells their own house brand of vapes. This is useful because the site has compatible products like atomizers and carrying cases. Their product line is mostly focused on dab pens. They have a great selection of dab pens that feature very attractive designs. Their accessory line is what makes Dr. Dabber so valuable as a brand. There are charging docks, interchangeable mouth pieces, and other helpful tools.


Firefly has invented a vaporizer for dry herb and concentrates. It is a very impressive piece. The site says Newsweek called it “the iPhone of vapes”. At the price point, you’re going to get a cutting edge piece of technology. I was pleased that they included 6 different color options. .


SlickVapes is a solid choice for retail vape pens from different manufacturers. The upside of this site is that it has authentic products from all of the best producers. They have collected a wide range of products that cover most consumption methods of concentrates. The site itself doesn’t excite me because of a few link issues and using a gif on their exit pop-up.


PAX is the gold standard when it comes to dry herb vapes. They are all over trade shows and cannabis community events handing out samples and showing off their product. Their vapes made dry herb vapes relevant again. Their website doesn’t offer online retail, but it is a good place to start to either find a location that sells it near you or to look into products to buy at another online retailer.


SkyBlue Vapor‘s About Us page is the most stunningly thorough exercise in best practices I’ve seen from a vape site. Environmental practices, keeping business local, transparency, and charity work are all in there. Oh, and their products look completely solid. The vapes are American made, reasonably priced, and come with a full kit of accessories and cases.


OpenVape has a small selection of their house-made vape pen models. Their models are fairly basic but boast a long draw time of up to 8 seconds. I love their short “ISH” battery because it could fix the problem with stick batteries not being discreet. Discreet batteries work because they are obscured by your hand, and a smaller stick battery could work the same way. They also sell really cute 510 Thread Chargers in 7 different colors! It might be worth it to visit the site just for that. 510 Thread Chargers usually cost around $5, and their model is $7.95 plus shipping and handling. If you’re getting something from the site, I would definitely pick up a few.


KandyPens might be the best vape pen producer out there. Their products win industry awards every year. It is probably confusing to new users to navigate the different kinds of batteries they have. Their product range covers concentrates like prefilled cartridges, dabbable concentrates, liquid product, and dry herb. KandyPens are very well marketed and their designs are amazing. Some brands say their pens are classy, but KandyPens followed through. They have wood grain, matte black, rose gold, and just plain well designed batteries. I doubt you could find a bad vape in the batch. One thing I would look out for is the time a battery was released. KandyPens keeps up with industry expectations, and their newer batteries are probably much more suited to current cartridge capacities.


Honeystick only producers vaporizers and vaporizer accessories. Their sleek designs focus on having he power and design to deliver flavorful, big clouds. They have designs that are very discreet and a few that are larger and more powerful. I enjoy their “The Elf” Colorful Vape Conceal Oil Vaporizer. Honeystick has poised themselves as a connoisseur brand. For such a well rounded collection of vapes, I would love to see the brand expand into more merchandise.

Linx Vapor
logo (2).png

When I opened LinxVapor’s website, I was pleasantly surprised to find a sleek and creative design with high tech looking pens. For a second I was worried that the vapes only came in light grey, but two of the pens have very nice color options. The Hypnos Zero ($79.99) has an “Iridescent” option that is this gorgeous oil slick rainbow color. It also says that the vape is a “Two-time “Best Vaporizer” winner by High Times”. Their discreet vape, the “Gaia” ($159.99), also has color options. They have a few executive looking colors: “Onyx”, “Steel”, and “Gold”.


The site is very easy to navigate. Because of their short product line, each item gets special treatment. They have accessory lines for each vape in individual pages. They obviously don’t stock their store with extra padding low-quality products for profit. They sell award winning, high functioning vapes.

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