The Best Lighter Accessories

Lighters should be way cooler than they are. Have you ever had a friend run out of lighters and said “Really? But you’re a stoner!” Tell yourself this if you only have a Clipper/Bic. There is so much more out there.

You have to see this new trend in streetwear and design. People are producing lovely lighter cases. Before this the only cool designs were on Zippo’s, and you don’t have to refill these. Just pop in another Bic.

I’ve been to so many smoke sessions with adults in beautiful outfits who pull out a sad Bic that they’ve pulled the colored wrapper off of. This isn’t a beer at a bar that you’re nervously pulling the label off of. If you spend more than an hour of the day with a lighter in your hand, you need to look into these alternatives.


Ball & Chain Co. is a beautiful streetwear lifestyle store. Their store is filled with really cool designs and slogans. They have images or roses, skulls, daggers, chains and other classic items. They have a nihilistic, depressed sort of sensibility. There are slogans like “Society of Misery and Regret” and “Words are Meaningless and Forgettable”.

The store has many different printed items. They have a great collection of pins, patches, and tapestries. Their sensibility is very mature with a muted color palette while still having a bit of an edge and sense of youthful style. Many of their pieces are brushed metal. Their choice of bronze, silver, and rose gold make a very attractive collection.


All of the cases have a Ball and Chain Co. signature at the bottom.


A few cases are on a chain or cord to be carried around. I like the keychain option a lot, because it’s a stoner accessory that is definitely legal. They have cases for standard size and mini Bic lighters.


The GoodWorth & Co. is much cheekier. They have lighter cases that have nightlife and smoking motifs. Their brushed gold cases with block letter engravings are really striking. It’s really nice to have something funny or cheeky on your lighter case. It’s very good natured and a nice energy to bring to your smoke session. Maybe not the middle finger one, but you do you.



Toker Pokers are plastic shells. They allow users to poke at their bowl with a metal rod or packer. It’s designed for function, not fashion, but some of the finishes are good looking. It’s a great way to always be prepared for a smoke session. No fumbling around for tools.

I do have a few problems with the Toker Poker. If I didn’t have one, I would just budge a bowl of weed around with the corner of my lighter. The Toker Poker isn’t significantly more ergonomic for your hand. I think that the best you can do for your hand is to use a small lighter. It has the same amount of flame for lighting effort. The Toker Poker also uses a ton of plastic for something that’s fairly made-up-for-the-consumer.

The reason I wrote this article is so more people can understand that there are better options out there. Sustainability is important. When you buy a metal lighter case that won’t tarnish, has an attractive design, and isn’t made of plastic (that seems to not be recyclable), you’re doing the environment a little favor.

Smoker’s Outlet has general supplies for stores to sell retail. They also work in individual orders. The website isn’t for cannabis, it focuses on tobacco and nicotine products. Their metal lighter cases are really striking and come in a few different colors. They are unique in that they have windows that reveal the actual lighter color. I thought this was a nice feature because it would change occasionally as different colors of lighter run out of fluid. I think that the gold and black options are particularly impressive.

Shopping for vintage lighter cases is a great idea. It’s the best way to ensure that your piece is truly one of a kind. Cloisonne, a technique of laying enamel, was a popular look for lighter cases. The cases featured in this gallery are not dated on their sales pages, so I don’t have an estimate of year. All I can say is that they are more than a few decades old and seem to have held up very well.

I would go to Etsy for this and search “cloisonne lighter cases”.

Another lighter case retailer is Blunted Objects! I didn’t hear about them until I saw a post on Twitter from Lazy Bee Gardens. They’re a great sustainable cannabis grower in Washington State. Apparently they have good taste in lighters because this classy piece is another great option for a lighter case. The gold option is sold out, but this rose gold version is still available for $29.99.

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