Inside the Cannabis Industry : LemonHaze Block Party 2018

Today I went with my friend to an official weed party. LemonHaze is a company that produces cannabis conventions, and this was their summer block party. These events are surreal. The street is lined with booths on booths of friendly swag-bearing cannabis producers. There’s huge pictures everywhere of weed, merchandise, and packaging. People are dressed up in anything from weed tee’s to weed wizard costumes. There’s no secret that everyone here smokes weed, and that makes it feel very accepting.

There was security at the gate. People are smoking and dabbing in line but they didn’t mind it. They check to our IDs meticulously, check our tickets, and made sure we weren’t bring anything in our purses. Beyond that, there was a stretch of convention booths on either side of the alley. We proceeded to hit up every single booth. Everyone knew each other’s names and it was very professional and friendly. By the end of our rounds we had a veritable Halloween bag full of business cards, stickers, buttons, and other such stuff. A few businesses actually gave out free t-shirts, which is a godsend because I’m only allowed to wear those t-shirts at work. My favorite swag was a button from Velvet Swing, because I need to refer to weed lube by putting it on my lanyard. Willie Nelson’s brand had a lot of pins but I didn’t dig any of their designs. I really needed extra work shirts, and I’m so thankful that brands like Harmony gave out free shirts.

“By the end of our rounds we had a veritable Halloween bag”

Past the area with booths there was an open lot that was buzzing with energy. When people finished with the booths they decompressed and went here. It opened up into a big open asphalt lot. There were a few activities and what I was assured was a VERY fancy port-a-potty. People were starting to gather in tiny circles to start passing joints. We were given a few to keep it going.

Having a space that promotes cannabis and cannabis use is very helpful for my weed shame. It is a relief to not smoke alone. Spending so much time appreciating cannabis to go home to a lonely smoke deck cuts into my joy. I was being validated as a weed smoker. People knew how to please me and they were willing to do that for me. They were giving me joints, passing me joints, and talking about my favorite subject. I love the little circle that forms when a joint is passed. I like having social things like this go well.

“Having a space that promotes cannabis and cannabis use is very helpful for my weed shame.”

I tried to appreciate this event as well as I could. I drank a lot of water, got a lot of sleep, and ate food before going. It helped immensely. For anything outside there should be some prep work just for a human being to survive. Smoking doesn’t help standing in the heat, either. I have fatigue issues that keep me on my toes. By 4:20 I had to lie down in my car for a while. How do the booth attendants stand there for 6 hours?

This was the first real industry event I attended. I’ve been to so many conventions like this that it felt pretty natural. The weed elements were still surreal, between the Weed Wizard and free weed. I still don’t have a very concrete place in the industry, but I look forward to being able to use these connections for my own career. 

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