Beginning: Beautiful Beautiful Weed

Weed is underrated. We consider leave really important but leave out so many things that could make it a happier experience for us. We treat weed as disposable. We buy it and burn and don’t care much about what happens in between. When I started smoking, I was in a crowded musty room with a few college friends on a futon. We shared a dirty bong with hand crumbled weed. I have many wonderful memories of that dingy college house. In my own spaces, I’ve treated it as an entertaining possibility. When someone is at my house consuming something I’ve prepared for them, it’s a great excuse to go full Martha Stewart. I’ve planned parties, kickbacks, and hang outs all around the idea that weed could be serviced better.

“Weed is underrated. “

This has given me a unique perspective on cannabis. Where are the smoking kits that people are proud of? People don’t have the opportunity to learn about how to treat their cannabis. I want them to woo the weed. Dress it up and take it on a nice date. Doing your kit up right will change your smoking life completely.

Medical and recreational users can agree that smoking can really improve a person’s quality of life. Many other things can improve your quality of life. When someone dedicates part of their day to smoking, they should also dedicate some time to making sure that space is right for them. I’ve smoked in the snow without gloves, garages with broken lights, and rolled joints on my lap in a car. Cannabis was making my life better, but why be so desperate?

“I want them to woo the weed.”

Sharing weed can be a very bonding experience. Planning nice outings and innings with friends is awesome. It would be great to be proud of what you have to present to your friends. Moving a kit from shoebox to decorative box makes that night a lot more special. It leaves a much better impression and shows that you treat your smoke seriously.

We don’t use enough paraphernalia. That’s why I created Accoutrements. I would like to educate people on the importance on how they treat their weed. There are so many things to change; decorations, storage, trays, tables, lighting, and seating. I look forward to investigating and writing about cannabis culture in this sense.

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