The Best Lighter Accessories

Lighters should be way cooler than they are. Have you ever had a friend run out of lighters and said "Really? But you're a stoner!" Tell yourself this if you only have a Clipper/Bic. There is so much more out there. You have to see this new trend in streetwear and design. People are producing … Continue reading The Best Lighter Accessories

How Was Hempfest?

Hempfest went great. It was so strange seeing it from a new perspective! I went last year when I had no experience in the industry, I was just a medical user who went to the pot shop every other day. I had a lot of issues about weed shame and being self conscious about my … Continue reading How Was Hempfest?

Get Ready for Hempfest!

Hempfest is Seattle's largest protest-ival. A protesting festival. Hempfest is for everyone to enjoy. Cannabis events happen every week in Seattle, but most are limited to industry people. On August 17, 18, and 19 you can join thousands of other attendees at Seattle's Myrtle Edwards and Centennial Park for the festivities. Hundreds of booths are … Continue reading Get Ready for Hempfest!

Inside the Cannabis Industry : LemonHaze Block Party 2018

Today I went with my friend to an official weed party. LemonHaze is a company that produces cannabis conventions, and this was their summer block party. These events are surreal. The street is lined with booths on booths of friendly swag-bearing cannabis producers. There’s huge pictures everywhere of weed, merchandise, and packaging. People are dressed … Continue reading Inside the Cannabis Industry : LemonHaze Block Party 2018

Beginning: Beautiful Beautiful Weed

Weed is underrated. We consider leave really important but leave out so many things that could make it a happier experience for us. We treat weed as disposable. We buy it and burn and don't care much about what happens in between. When I started smoking, I was in a crowded musty room with a … Continue reading Beginning: Beautiful Beautiful Weed